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Video games have risen from obscure afterthought of electronics, to one of the largest and most profitable forms of media in the world. From their humble beginnings video games are now ultra immersive online frag fests. Featuring some of the most recognizable icons anywhere such like Mario, Master Chief, Mega Man, and Max Payne. Break has the very best game trailers, frag videos, and insane glitches that one can find anywhere.

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Kinect Joyride Epic Steering Play Video

Kinect Joyride Epic Steering 46 months ago

The Auto-Steering in Kinect Joyride is so epic, you dont even have to do an...

NBA Jam Launch Trailer Play Video

NBA Jam Launch Trailer 46 months ago

Being able to play against Bush and Cheney says nothing but Win about the n...

Best Black Ops Kill So Far Play Video

Best Black Ops Kill So Far 46 months ago

Grenade + Nutshot = Best Call of Duty: Black Ops kill I've seen Yet.

3D Room in Kinect Play Video

3D Room in Kinect 46 months ago

This guy hacks his Kinect and results in 3D weirdness.

Mortal Kombat -- Sub Zero Play Video

Mortal Kombat -- Sub Zero 46 months ago

Learn a little bit about Sub Zero and what his dizzle is all about.

L.A. Noire -- First Trailer Play Video

L.A. Noire -- First Trailer 46 months ago

Aaron Stanton, aka Ken Cosgrove from Mad Men blesses us as the lead in the ...