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Video games have risen from obscure afterthought of electronics, to one of the largest and most profitable forms of media in the world. From their humble beginnings video games are now ultra immersive online frag fests. Featuring some of the most recognizable icons anywhere such like Mario, Master Chief, Mega Man, and Max Payne. Break has the very best game trailers, frag videos, and insane glitches that one can find anywhere.

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PS4 Greatness Awaits 23 days ago

Connect with friends. Make some new ones. Dominate, cooperate, and play unt...

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Grand Theft Auto V 23 days ago

Grand Theft Auto V | Rockstar Games' critically acclaimed open world comes ...

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Gamergate Keeps Going 1 month ago

That's all well and good, let's just stop threatening to kill people over v...

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Just Dance 2 months ago

Just Dance 2015 - available now!