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Titanfall Play Video

Titanfall 1 month ago

Titanfall, EA, video game, multiplayer

Castlevania View Image

Castlevania 2 months ago

Better clothes these days.

Diablo View Image

Diablo 2 months ago

Actually, not all that different.

Donkey Kong View Image

Donkey Kong 2 months ago

Man, what a zany monkey

Final Fantasy View Image

Final Fantasy 2 months ago

It's like mirror images!

Super Mario View Image

Super Mario 2 months ago

Well, it's more colorful now.

Metal Gear View Image

Metal Gear 2 months ago

It's like you can smell his creepy eye hole now.

Metroid View Image

Metroid 2 months ago

Samus still doesn't wear a bikini, though

Warcraft View Image

Warcraft 2 months ago

Slight differences, if you can spot them.

Wolfenstein View Image

Wolfenstein 2 months ago

What's it take to rid the world of Nazis?

Resident Evil View Image

Resident Evil 2 months ago

Polygons were awesome.