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News Bloopers

The 24 hour news network forever changed the way news is reported. With 86,400 seconds of time to fill a day, networks struggle to fill the space. The new format, in conjunction with the inherent difficulties of producing live television, creates a never-ending supply of local and even CNN news bloopers. Whether they are drunken celebrities, giggling anchors, or spectators who decide to become part of that day's newscast. These hilarious clips are sure to spice up even the slowest news day.

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Chris Berman Loses His Cool Play Video

Chris Berman Loses His Cool 81 months ago

During an taping of Monday Night Football Chris Berman goes a little nuts b...

Bird Craps In Reporters Mouth Play Video

Bird Craps In Reporters Mouth 82 months ago

Local news guy reports on the Canadian Brown Finch overpopulation in town n...

Naughty News Blooper Play Video

Naughty News Blooper 82 months ago

Got to love this news anchors answer to this guys question.

Raiders Fan Ruins Interview Play Video

Raiders Fan Ruins Interview 83 months ago

Some hilariously obnoxious Raiders fan ruins a couple of player and coach i...

NAACP Spokesman Has Big Ego Play Video

NAACP Spokesman Has Big Ego 87 months ago

R.L. White from the NAACP in Atlanta explains how many people just love my ...

Dude Grabs Reporters Butt Play Video

Dude Grabs Reporters Butt 88 months ago

Some guy walks by a news reporter while she is live on the air and grabs he...

Chuck Storm Walks Into A Poll Play Video

Chuck Storm Walks Into A Poll 88 months ago

Chuck Storm walks directly into a poll while broadcasting live last week. ...

I Like Turtles Play Video

I Like Turtles 89 months ago

On May 31st, 2007, ten-year-old Jonathan Ware was visiting the Rose Festiva...

Fire Fighter Gets High Play Video

Fire Fighter Gets High 90 months ago

A fire breaks out in a home that was full of pot. This is a short intervie...

NBA Reporter Freudian Slip Play Video

NBA Reporter Freudian Slip 90 months ago

During the Clippers game FSN reporter Christine Nubla makes a pretty embarr...

Some Angry Astronauts Play Video

Some Angry Astronauts 91 months ago

Ok I am definetly not saying this dude trying to get the interviews isnt cr...

Vasectomy News Report Play Video

Vasectomy News Report 91 months ago

What was suppose to be a serious news report on male vasectomys turned out ...

Live Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Live Stunt Goes Bad 91 months ago

This guy was going to perform a stunt live for a local news channel and as ...

Ravenstoke Alaska Play Video

Ravenstoke Alaska 92 months ago

Ravenstoke is a city in Alaska where men outnumbered women 100 to 1. Fortun...

News Anchor Drops The F Bomb Play Video

News Anchor Drops The F Bomb 94 months ago

KSN-TV Wichita sports director Jim Kobbe had become frustrated with technic...