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News Bloopers

The 24 hour news network forever changed the way news is reported. With 86,400 seconds of time to fill a day, networks struggle to fill the space. The new format, in conjunction with the inherent difficulties of producing live television, creates a never-ending supply of local and even CNN news bloopers. Whether they are drunken celebrities, giggling anchors, or spectators who decide to become part of that day's newscast. These hilarious clips are sure to spice up even the slowest news day.

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Snowfall Size Matters Play Video

Snowfall Size Matters 57 months ago

Pete Bouchard compares himself to the size of the snowfall in Princeton and...

Reporter Fails On Thin Ice Play Video

Reporter Fails On Thin Ice 58 months ago

His report on the dangers of frozen ponds was a major fail.If you're going ...

Boom Goes The Dynamite Play Video

Boom Goes The Dynamite 60 months ago

When this college journalism student sat down to do the news, he had no ide...

Giant Bird Stalks Reporter Play Video

Giant Bird Stalks Reporter 60 months ago

There's a giant bird on the loose, and they're not covering it? I smell a c...

Crazy Chicks Attack Reporter Play Video

Crazy Chicks Attack Reporter 64 months ago

This just in: drinking to excess often makes women do irrational, embarrass...

Fox News Fail Play Video

Fox News Fail 65 months ago

Having zero idea what's happening is technically both, 'fair,' and, 'balanc...

Female Reporter Hit With Ball Play Video

Female Reporter Hit With Ball 66 months ago

A soccer player takes a shot off camera and nails this chick in the side of...

Tough Guy Cusses Out Reporter Play Video

Tough Guy Cusses Out Reporter 73 months ago

One thing is clear: you need to stay out of this guy's truck. He drops enou...