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The 24 hour news network forever changed the way news is reported. With 86,400 seconds of time to fill a day, networks struggle to fill the space. The new format, in conjunction with the inherent difficulties of producing live television, creates a never-ending supply of local and even CNN news bloopers. Whether they are drunken celebrities, giggling anchors, or spectators who decide to become part of that day's newscast. These hilarious clips are sure to spice up even the slowest news day.

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Anderson Cooper Pranked Play Video

Anderson Cooper Pranked 41 months ago

Anderson Cooper Pranked on Newsfeed - Anderson Cooper got pranked! Recently...

Reporter Pulls Over Cameraman Play Video

Reporter Pulls Over Cameraman 46 months ago

A reporter accidentally hooks a microphone wire just as she is about to sle...

TV Host Blows Turkey Caller Play Video

TV Host Blows Turkey Caller 47 months ago

TV hosts get embarrassed by a demonstration of a turkey caller that you ope...

"Backin' Up" Remix Play Video

"Backin' Up" Remix 50 months ago

Her life is going to be changed forever. Now, every time this woman is invo...

Girl Reporter, Interrupted Play Video

Girl Reporter, Interrupted 50 months ago

This reporter can't get a word out due to a caravan of emergency vehicles. ...

Usain Bolt's Cameraman Fail Play Video

Usain Bolt's Cameraman Fail 51 months ago

Like so many others, the cameraman just learned that if you let Usain Bolt ...

Failed Fist Bump Play Video

Failed Fist Bump 51 months ago

Hilarious reaction from Alexi Lalas when Chris Fowler completely fails at h...

The Juggalo News Network Play Video

The Juggalo News Network 56 months ago

A fair and balanced news network for all the Insane Clowns out there. If ha...