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News Bloopers

The 24 hour news network forever changed the way news is reported. With 86,400 seconds of time to fill a day, networks struggle to fill the space. The new format, in conjunction with the inherent difficulties of producing live television, creates a never-ending supply of local and even CNN news bloopers. Whether they are drunken celebrities, giggling anchors, or spectators who decide to become part of that day's newscast. These hilarious clips are sure to spice up even the slowest news day.

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You Got A Big One Play Video

You Got A Big One 14 months ago

Two things to be happy about this morning.

How The News Gets Even Play Video

How The News Gets Even 15 months ago

This might make you think twice of video bombing your next local newscast.

Little Bit Tongue What? Play Video

Little Bit Tongue What? 16 months ago

A news reporter gets a bit tongue tied during a sports broadcast.

News Reporter Crashes Quad Play Video

News Reporter Crashes Quad 16 months ago

He might not be able to drive, but got to give him so credit for that recov...

Doggy Style News Play Video

Doggy Style News 19 months ago

Well thank God they had a helicopter to capture this big story.

Kapooya! Play Video

Kapooya! 19 months ago

You learned two things here: hail goes “kapooya” and this lady really wante...

The Weekend Is What? Play Video

The Weekend Is What? 20 months ago

So we know what her plans for the weekend are.