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Commercials come in all shapes and sizes. From hour long infomercials late at night, to 20 second spots during must see TV, commercials all have the same goal. Sell a product. Some attempt this with such wit and charm that they are instantly memorable and soon become classics, the best of funny commercials. Other commercials are horribly self unaware and are memorable for being terrible. Others still simply attempt to sell products so fundamentally ridiculous that the commercial is doomed from the start. All of these types are represented in Break's best commercial category. As seen on TV, of course.

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GI Jonny Play Video

GI Jonny 84 months ago

To inform and protect. For 16+ audience

Ladder Collapses On Dude Play Video

Ladder Collapses On Dude 84 months ago

This guy is trying to sell some goofy ladder on QVC. He attempts to demons...

Count The Sexual Innuendos Play Video

Count The Sexual Innuendos 84 months ago

Can you count all the sexual innuendos in this video? Was this written by Q...

Asian Commercials Are Weird Play Video

Asian Commercials Are Weird 84 months ago

Asian people continually amaze me with their weird products, game shows and...

Very Intense Commercial Play Video

Very Intense Commercial 84 months ago

I thought this was worthy for the homepage. Its a simple commerical made f...

The Perfect Girlfriend Play Video

The Perfect Girlfriend 86 months ago

Everyone say hello to the world’s perfect girlfriend. Jim Bean came up with...

Reinventing The Wheel Play Video

Reinventing The Wheel 87 months ago

Michelin has reinvented the wheel and has come up with one that does not us...

What I Hate About Don Play Video

What I Hate About Don 88 months ago

Troy, Sweeney and Africa unload their feelings about Don in a cathartic mel...

Who Wears Short Shorts? Play Video

Who Wears Short Shorts? 90 months ago

I think we need a word for a piece of girls clothing that is in-betweenshor...

Hot Chick Flashes Porsche Play Video

Hot Chick Flashes Porsche 91 months ago

This is actually a commercial that airs in Europe for Porsche. The chick i...

Ultra Realistic HDTV Play Video

Ultra Realistic HDTV 92 months ago

We have had this video sent to us at least 10 times over the last couple da...

Flea Market Montgomery Play Video

Flea Market Montgomery 93 months ago

What was a simple local commercial became an internet sensation overnight. ...

Time To Get Glasses Play Video

Time To Get Glasses 94 months ago

At least guinea pigs are useful.

Haggar  Loud Stereo Play Video

Haggar Loud Stereo 95 months ago

This is a really funny ad for Haggar. Dont you hate that idiot who drives a...

Rejected Tire Commercials Play Video

Rejected Tire Commercials 95 months ago

An ad agency was contracted to come up with some tire commercials for Goody...

Funny Ikea Ad The Perfect Mom Play Video

Funny Ikea Ad The Perfect Mom 95 months ago

Being a single mom and getting some alone time can be difficult. This mom m...

Guinness Evolution Ad Play Video

Guinness Evolution Ad 96 months ago

I know this ad isn't brand new but I just saw it for the first time yesterd...

Toughest Job In North Korea Play Video

Toughest Job In North Korea 96 months ago

This poor guy unknowingly has one of the toughest jobs in North Korea. When...

Life Is Short Play Video

Life Is Short 97 months ago

As this awesome commercial demonstrates, life is short so you really need t...

How To Make A Soccer Partner Play Video

How To Make A Soccer Partner 97 months ago

This is a great commercial about a kid who is sick of playing soccer by him...

Sex Top 2000 Play Video

Sex Top 2000 97 months ago

Are you worried about getting caught looking at internet porn? You need the...