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TV is an important source of news and entertainment for most of the modern world. The ability to instantly transmit vital images and sound has proven to be crucial during some of the most memorable events in recent history. Alternately television has spawned such horrors as "Jersey Shore" and "The Real Housewives of Who Cares Anymore". With so many channels struggling to fill so much air time it is only inevitable that mistakes, technical difficulties, and bloopers will happen. Break compiles the best of these into it's TV category. From insane infomercials to drunk weathermen, this category proves that once something is captured on film it will never disappear.

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CMU Dean Smacks Students Camera Play Video

CMU Dean Smacks Students Camera 82 months ago

The Dean of CMU gets frustrated with a students repeated requests for infor...

Morning Show Mooning Revisited Play Video

Morning Show Mooning Revisited 82 months ago

When I first started watching this the anchors looked so serious that I was...

Morning Show Mooning Play Video

Morning Show Mooning 82 months ago

This Canadian morning show may want to hire some new security for their stu...

Bud Light Dude Play Video

Bud Light Dude 82 months ago

This guy has mastered the universal language of Dude. Join him as he naviga...

Tacoma Propane Tank Explosion Play Video

Tacoma Propane Tank Explosion 82 months ago

Two incredible views of an a propane tank explosion that was heard miles aw...

GI Jonny Play Video

GI Jonny 82 months ago

To inform and protect. For 16+ audience

Ladder Collapses On Dude Play Video

Ladder Collapses On Dude 82 months ago

This guy is trying to sell some goofy ladder on QVC. He attempts to demons...

Count The Sexual Innuendos Play Video

Count The Sexual Innuendos 82 months ago

Can you count all the sexual innuendos in this video? Was this written by Q...

Asian Commercials Are Weird Play Video

Asian Commercials Are Weird 82 months ago

Asian people continually amaze me with their weird products, game shows and...

Leave OJ Alone!!! Play Video

Leave OJ Alone!!! 82 months ago

I know what youre thinking, I am totally sick of this freak too but just gi...

News Reporter Gets Heart On Play Video

News Reporter Gets Heart On 82 months ago

Anchor makes a Freudian slip after discussing Russias Mass Kiss Fest.

Kevin Everett News Mix Up Play Video

Kevin Everett News Mix Up 82 months ago

Sports guy reporting on the progress of injured NFL player Kevin Everett. I...

Very Intense Commercial Play Video

Very Intense Commercial 82 months ago

I thought this was worthy for the homepage. Its a simple commerical made f...

Should've Took A Sick Day Play Video

Should've Took A Sick Day 83 months ago

The host of a call in game show pukes while talking with one of the contest...