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TV is an important source of news and entertainment for most of the modern world. The ability to instantly transmit vital images and sound has proven to be crucial during some of the most memorable events in recent history. Alternately television has spawned such horrors as "Jersey Shore" and "The Real Housewives of Who Cares Anymore". With so many channels struggling to fill so much air time it is only inevitable that mistakes, technical difficulties, and bloopers will happen. Break compiles the best of these into it's TV category. From insane infomercials to drunk weathermen, this category proves that once something is captured on film it will never disappear.

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Ice Road Truckers Returns Play Video

Ice Road Truckers Returns 74 months ago

It’s more than a job…it’s survival. The new season of Ice Road Truckers be...

Cop Attacks Cameraman Play Video

Cop Attacks Cameraman 74 months ago

Wish I knew the back story here but some cop attacks a cameraman and destro...

Reporter Mocks News Anchor Play Video

Reporter Mocks News Anchor 75 months ago

After reporting from the scene of 911 this guy makes fun of the off topic c...

Grand Theft Auto 7 Year Old Play Video

Grand Theft Auto 7 Year Old 75 months ago

Meet Latarian Milton, a 7-year-old South Florida boy who faces grand theft ...

Game Show Dumb Luck Play Video

Game Show Dumb Luck 76 months ago

These are a few older game show clips where the contestants had no clue as ...

Millionaire Tazed by Cops Play Video

Millionaire Tazed by Cops 76 months ago

Some millionaire developer in Boca Raton is pulled over in his Bentley and ...

Tug Boat Tips Over Play Video

Tug Boat Tips Over 76 months ago

Tug boat is towing a much larger ship sideways which turns out to be a not ...

Obama Girl Is Back Again Play Video

Obama Girl Is Back Again 77 months ago

I am a sucker for these Obama girl videos and think the chick is just smoki...

Amish Road Rage Play Video

Amish Road Rage 77 months ago

I never thought about this before but I'm sure the Amish experience road ra...

Rolling Rock Satellite Play Video

Rolling Rock Satellite 77 months ago

Rolling Rock gives an example of their latest advertising strategy using sa...

Wave in Spain Takes Out Cars Play Video

Wave in Spain Takes Out Cars 77 months ago

A huge wave in La Coruna Spain crashes over a barrier and takes out a coupl...

Reporter Owned By Sled Play Video

Reporter Owned By Sled 77 months ago

Some Canadian Global news reporter thinks the bottom of a sledding hill is ...