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TV is an important source of news and entertainment for most of the modern world. The ability to instantly transmit vital images and sound has proven to be crucial during some of the most memorable events in recent history. Alternately television has spawned such horrors as "Jersey Shore" and "The Real Housewives of Who Cares Anymore". With so many channels struggling to fill so much air time it is only inevitable that mistakes, technical difficulties, and bloopers will happen. Break compiles the best of these into it's TV category. From insane infomercials to drunk weathermen, this category proves that once something is captured on film it will never disappear.

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Kid Falls Over Home Run Fence Play Video

Kid Falls Over Home Run Fence 72 months ago

A kid reached as far as he could trying to grab a batting practice home run...

Festive Vandalism Play Video

Festive Vandalism 72 months ago

An unidentified man drops a 500-shot fireworks display in a convenience sto...

Whoa There, Cowboy Play Video

Whoa There, Cowboy 72 months ago

A pair of wanna-be ladies men aren't a hit with ladies or cops.

Twigging Out Play Video

Twigging Out 72 months ago

A robber armed with a piece of tree and a flip-flop is more funny than dang...

Kicking and Screaming Play Video

Kicking and Screaming 72 months ago

One woman's fight for her right to drink and drive.

The Japanese Olympics Play Video

The Japanese Olympics 72 months ago

If these guys had spent the same amount of time training for a real sport, ...

Displacement Play Video

Displacement 72 months ago

A man charged with murder wants to hurt the judge, but can't, so he attacks...

Don't Fence Me In Play Video

Don't Fence Me In 72 months ago

A collapsing fence corrals a crowd into a pit of hazard.

Tornado Slams Into Bus Play Video

Tornado Slams Into Bus 72 months ago

This is raw footage from a passenger on a bus in Poland as a Tornado is for...

Bus Makes Unscheduled Stop Play Video

Bus Makes Unscheduled Stop 72 months ago

I dont think that bus driver understands that you dont have to stop right w...

iPhone Nerd Strikes Back Play Video

iPhone Nerd Strikes Back 73 months ago

Some dude standing in line waiting to be one of the first to purchase the l...

Croatian Woman Beat Up On TV Play Video

Croatian Woman Beat Up On TV 73 months ago

A Croatian woman goes on TV to condemn gay marriage bit forgets to first ch...