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TV is an important source of news and entertainment for most of the modern world. The ability to instantly transmit vital images and sound has proven to be crucial during some of the most memorable events in recent history. Alternately television has spawned such horrors as "Jersey Shore" and "The Real Housewives of Who Cares Anymore". With so many channels struggling to fill so much air time it is only inevitable that mistakes, technical difficulties, and bloopers will happen. Break compiles the best of these into it's TV category. From insane infomercials to drunk weathermen, this category proves that once something is captured on film it will never disappear.

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Out of Luck Truck Play Video

Out of Luck Truck 73 months ago

A very determined cop puts a quick and efficient end to a robber's getaway ...

Let Em Eat Cake Play Video

Let Em Eat Cake 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 22 - After learning that his father is in prison for doing bus...

Not Without My Daugther Play Video

Not Without My Daugther 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 21 - While Michael is questioned by the police about Kitty's d...

Whistler's Mother Play Video

Whistler's Mother 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 20- When the family begins fighting over company funds that ha...

Best Man for the Gob Play Video

Best Man for the Gob 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 19 - Gob tries to scare a company accountant who notices a dis...

Missing Kitty Play Video

Missing Kitty 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 18 - Michael finally stands up to George, Sr., and fires his o...

Justice is Blind Play Video

Justice is Blind 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 17 - Michael attempts to do the right thing and end his relati...

Altar Egos Play Video

Altar Egos 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 16 - While Michael experiences his first one-night stand with ...

Staff Infection Play Video

Staff Infection 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 15 - After discovering that most of the family picks up weekly...

Shock and Aww Play Video

Shock and Aww 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 14 - Things get awkward after Michael dates George-Michael's e...

Beef Consomme Play Video

Beef Consomme 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 13 - As Tobias struggles to overcome his gymnophobia so he can...

Marta Complex Play Video

Marta Complex 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 12 - Despite his crush on Marta, Michael agrees to help Gob fi...

Public Relations Play Video

Public Relations 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 11 - Convinced that the family's image is hurting his son's fu...

Pier Pressure Play Video

Pier Pressure 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 10 - When Buster asks George-Michael to score him some marijua...

Storming the Castle Play Video

Storming the Castle 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 9 - Michael is so smitten with Gob's girlfriend that he decide...

My Mother the Car Play Video

My Mother the Car 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 8 - Lindsay is disappointed that none of the inmates yell out ...

In God We Trust Play Video

In God We Trust 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 7 - The family attorney announces that if $20,000 in bail mone...

Visiting Ours Play Video

Visiting Ours 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 6 - Sex is in the air as Gob seduces his father's former secre...

Charity Drive Play Video

Charity Drive 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 5 - Lucille's scheme to upstage her rival, Lucille Austero, at...

Key Decisions Play Video

Key Decisions 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 4 - Jealous when his girlfriend is nominated for a 'Daytime De...

The Choices We Make Play Video

The Choices We Make 73 months ago

When asked to decide between a ticket or a face full of sand and jailtime, ...

Bringing Up Buster Play Video

Bringing Up Buster 73 months ago

Season 1 : Ep 3 Buster moves in with Michael after their mother kicks him o...

Top Banana Play Video

Top Banana 73 months ago

Season 1 : Ep 2 Michael realizes that running the company isn't going to be...

No Time for a Snack Play Video

No Time for a Snack 73 months ago

A drunk and high runaway stops at the minimart, wasting precious seconds.

Smoked Out Play Video

Smoked Out 73 months ago

A kid caught sucking on cancer sticks won't rat out his supplier and gets s...

Pilot Play Video

Pilot 73 months ago

Season 1: Ep 1 - Moments after Michael Bluth decides he's leaving the famil...

Brutal Reality Play Video

Brutal Reality 73 months ago

A rookie rethinks his career choice after witnessing a savage beating.

Call the Waambulance Play Video

Call the Waambulance 73 months ago

A weepy student caught leaving class early promises never to do anything wr...