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TV is an important source of news and entertainment for most of the modern world. The ability to instantly transmit vital images and sound has proven to be crucial during some of the most memorable events in recent history. Alternately television has spawned such horrors as "Jersey Shore" and "The Real Housewives of Who Cares Anymore". With so many channels struggling to fill so much air time it is only inevitable that mistakes, technical difficulties, and bloopers will happen. Break compiles the best of these into it's TV category. From insane infomercials to drunk weathermen, this category proves that once something is captured on film it will never disappear.

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Little Bit Tongue What? Play Video

Little Bit Tongue What? 16 months ago

A news reporter gets a bit tongue tied during a sports broadcast.

News Reporter Crashes Quad Play Video

News Reporter Crashes Quad 17 months ago

He might not be able to drive, but got to give him so credit for that recov...

Philips Norelco: I'd Date Me Play Video

Philips Norelco: I'd Date Me 17 months ago

The secret to a successful first date? Confidence, a well-trimmed grundle, ...

CNN, Just Give Up Read Article

CNN, Just Give Up 17 months ago

Once the leader in news, now a waste of time and television airwaves.