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Jimmy Vs. Serena Play Video

Jimmy Vs. Serena 84 months ago

Jimmy faces off against Serena Williams in beer pong.

Sub Zero Play Video

Sub Zero 84 months ago

Meet the man who called 911 over a sandwich.

Grandmamas in Pajamas Play Video

Grandmamas in Pajamas 84 months ago

Two young sleepwear-lovin' grannies are high on life.

Get Off My Head Play Video

Get Off My Head 84 months ago

A college student is arrested after storming the stage at during a speech b...

Fuzzy Bunny Play Video

Fuzzy Bunny 85 months ago

A hairy man dressed as a rabbit gets pulled over for making an illegal U-Tu...

Drunkty Dumpty Play Video

Drunkty Dumpty 85 months ago

A boozed spectator takes a face-first fall off a stadium wall.

Spider Senseless Play Video

Spider Senseless 85 months ago

A daredevil attempts to climb the Grand Arch in Paris without any safety ge...

Snakes and Scott Lane Play Video

Snakes and Scott Lane 85 months ago

Stringer Scott Lane and a journalist arrive at the scene of a ...

One Second Commercials Play Video

One Second Commercials 85 months ago

If you blinked you probably missed it but this year to save money Miller Hi...

eTrade Baby Outtakes Play Video

eTrade Baby Outtakes 85 months ago

Here are the outtakes from all the eTrade baby commercials this year. I th...

Castrol Edge Play Video

Castrol Edge 85 months ago

Now with grease monkey!