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Ultimate Parkour Challenge Play Video

Ultimate Parkour Challenge 68 months ago

With cast members from around the world, MTVs Ultimate Parkour Challenge sh...

Reporter Goes Swimming Play Video

Reporter Goes Swimming 68 months ago

This reporter is explaining how high the river has gotten since a recent ra...

Scottish Guy Hates Iceland Play Video

Scottish Guy Hates Iceland 68 months ago

A volcanic eruption in Iceland caused tons of flights in the UK to be cance...

Car Struck - Most Daring Play Video

Car Struck - Most Daring 68 months ago

A young man is violently tossed like a rag doll after being hit by a speedi...

Wrestle Pain-ia Play Video

Wrestle Pain-ia 68 months ago

Wrestlers suffer the consequences of body slamming each other on metal shar...

Strung Up By The Skin Play Video

Strung Up By The Skin 68 months ago

Pierced punks dangle from moving tow trucks by the skin of their backs. Fro...

At Least They Had Parachutes Play Video

At Least They Had Parachutes 68 months ago

Skydivers must fight incredible g-force in order to exit a nose-diving plan...

Steep Cliffs and Tidal Rifts Play Video

Steep Cliffs and Tidal Rifts 68 months ago

From truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 8pm. A group of buddies find themse...

Barney Love View Image

Barney Love 68 months ago

In This Picture: Photo of Barney with a child in his crotch