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Some skits consist of reciting facts about past presidents in a elementary school gym. Break's consists of cutting edge satire mixed with grade school fart jokes. Taking from the very best comedy history has to offer without prejudice these skits and sketches make light of social norms, political figures, and the newest movies. These videos prove that skits are not just for late night weekend TV anymore.

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Swearing With Predictive Text Play Video

Swearing With Predictive Text 77 months ago

I like this video because its so true, it drives me crazy that I cant use s...

The Waldo Ultimatum Play Video

The Waldo Ultimatum 77 months ago

His identity erased. His past stolen. His whereabouts unknown. Where the he...

What Would Kimbo Do? Play Video

What Would Kimbo Do? 78 months ago

Episode one of Breaks new series What Would Kimbo Do? Starring world famous...

Crank Dat Curry Sauce Play Video

Crank Dat Curry Sauce 79 months ago

Crank Dat Curry Sauce. And mango juuuuuuuiccce!....

Google Maps is Evil Play Video

Google Maps is Evil 79 months ago

Google maps is getting really creepy and evil.

Star Wars Kid Goes To College Play Video

Star Wars Kid Goes To College 79 months ago

The Star Wars kid is finally all grown up and this is a video of him walkin...

The Camel Toe Play Video

The Camel Toe 79 months ago

I thought this was a funny rendition of the Soulja Boy song.

No Sh** Sure Lock Play Video

No Sh** Sure Lock 80 months ago

I am not sure if this ad is real or not but either way its one of the best ...

To Catch A Predator Play Video

To Catch A Predator 81 months ago

Tell me the dude in this clip doesnt look just like the guy from the movie ...

Good Advice Play Video

Good Advice 81 months ago

Take it from Mom; Always use protection.

To Catch A Predator Live Play Video

To Catch A Predator Live 82 months ago

Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC trap another online predator who doesn't seem...

Lottery Spending Spree Play Video

Lottery Spending Spree 83 months ago

Two scratch off lottery winners spend all their winnings in 8 hours on hook...