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Some skits consist of reciting facts about past presidents in a elementary school gym. Break's consists of cutting edge satire mixed with grade school fart jokes. Taking from the very best comedy history has to offer without prejudice these skits and sketches make light of social norms, political figures, and the newest movies. These videos prove that skits are not just for late night weekend TV anymore.

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Hi Jack! Play Video

Hi Jack! 16 months ago

No matter how many times we have seen this one over the years it still make...

How To Stereotype An Asian Play Video

How To Stereotype An Asian 17 months ago

Not one joke about Kim Jong-Il? This must have been written by a Swede.

Maximus Thor Plays Operation Play Video

Maximus Thor Plays Operation 17 months ago

Our favorite "little white boy" is back, playing high stakes Operation. It'...

If Songs Were Real Play Video

If Songs Were Real 18 months ago

Admit it. You already thought that many of these lines were already creepy.

  "Eatin' P----, Kickin' A--" Play Video

"Eatin' P----, Kickin' A--" 19 months ago

Sometimes after a long, hard day at work, there are only two things that he...

Bone Thugs and Homeless Play Video

Bone Thugs and Homeless 24 months ago

This is about 59 minutes shorter than a Behind The Music would've been.

Sleight Of Hand Play Video

Sleight Of Hand 24 months ago

Watch as he pulls a harrassment charge out of thin air!

Harder Than It Looks Play Video

Harder Than It Looks 26 months ago

Two girls living together, trying to figure things out. And TJ Miller is th...