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Some skits consist of reciting facts about past presidents in a elementary school gym. Break's consists of cutting edge satire mixed with grade school fart jokes. Taking from the very best comedy history has to offer without prejudice these skits and sketches make light of social norms, political figures, and the newest movies. These videos prove that skits are not just for late night weekend TV anymore.

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Football Flop Prank Play Video

Football Flop Prank 5 months ago

How bad has flopping gotten? It's left the pitch and taken to the streets.

Little Drummer Boy Prank Play Video

Little Drummer Boy Prank 5 months ago

Kevin approaches unsuspecting people in public to spread a little holiday c...

Mistaken Money Drop Prank Play Video

Mistaken Money Drop Prank 5 months ago

This week Kevin pranks the public by trying to pawn off a briefcase full of...

Picking Up Girls Naked! Play Video

Picking Up Girls Naked! 7 months ago

What's more shocking about this video? That he wasn't arrested, or that he ...

Proposal Ring Drop Prank Play Video

Proposal Ring Drop Prank 7 months ago

Proposing is the biggest moment in a relationship. What could possibly go w...

Unsexy Massage Prank Play Video

Unsexy Massage Prank 7 months ago

How long will these guys let a hot girl give them a terrible massage?

Epic Dime Bag Prank On Cops Play Video

Epic Dime Bag Prank On Cops 9 months ago

If you find a dime bag on the street are you supposed to give it to the pol...

Gambit Gets Fired Play Video

Gambit Gets Fired 10 months ago

He throws stuff. He sure does.

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crash Play Video

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crash 12 months ago

Clean-up crews are hard at work after a VH1 bus carrying reality show conte...

SNL: Breaking Character Play Video

SNL: Breaking Character 13 months ago

They’re something inexplicably hilarious about watching other people crack ...

The Vertical Video Song Play Video

The Vertical Video Song 13 months ago

Nothing will change unless Apple makes the camera laugh at you when you're ...