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Football Flop Prank Play Video

Football Flop Prank 1 month ago

How bad has flopping gotten? It's left the pitch and taken to the streets.

Little Drummer Boy Prank Play Video

Little Drummer Boy Prank 1 month ago

Kevin approaches unsuspecting people in public to spread a little holiday c...

Mistaken Money Drop Prank Play Video

Mistaken Money Drop Prank 1 month ago

This week Kevin pranks the public by trying to pawn off a briefcase full of...

Picking Up Girls Naked! Play Video

Picking Up Girls Naked! 2 months ago

What's more shocking about this video? That he wasn't arrested, or that he ...

Proposal Ring Drop Prank Play Video

Proposal Ring Drop Prank 3 months ago

Proposing is the biggest moment in a relationship. What could possibly go w...

Unsexy Massage Prank Play Video

Unsexy Massage Prank 3 months ago

How long will these guys let a hot girl give them a terrible massage?

Epic Dime Bag Prank On Cops Play Video

Epic Dime Bag Prank On Cops 4 months ago

If you find a dime bag on the street are you supposed to give it to the pol...

Gambit Gets Fired Play Video

Gambit Gets Fired 5 months ago

He throws stuff. He sure does.

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crash Play Video

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crash 8 months ago

Clean-up crews are hard at work after a VH1 bus carrying reality show conte...

SNL: Breaking Character Play Video

SNL: Breaking Character 8 months ago

They’re something inexplicably hilarious about watching other people crack ...