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Pranks are as old as humanity. From ancient druids tripping each other to nuclear scientists writing 8008135 on a coworker's calculator, or even the good old wooden spoon prank--practical jokes have been a part of everyday life for all humans. Of course, some people turn the prank dial to 11. Making memorable prank videos that go so far as to mock bury drunken people alive in a kitchen. Or use pounds of ash and gallons of water to transform an unsuspecting sunbather into an instant mummy. So prank or be pranked, the choice is yours, but always beware the maze scare prank.You can always win some money for your pranks.

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Hey We Made The Homepage Play Video

Hey We Made The Homepage 81 months ago

These kids rig a chair and then tell their buddy they made the homepage of ...

Dad Scares Crap Out Of Son Play Video

Dad Scares Crap Out Of Son 82 months ago

Apparently, this kid had been acting all tough around the house so his Dad ...

Firefighter Chief Snake Prank Play Video

Firefighter Chief Snake Prank 82 months ago

A bunch of guys at a firehouse pull a prank on their boss with a fake snake...

Merry Fckin Christmas Play Video

Merry Fckin Christmas 82 months ago

This guy gives his cousin a very special Christmas present: A broken nose b...

Worlds Best Alarm Clock Play Video

Worlds Best Alarm Clock 82 months ago

The good news is you could never sleep through this and be late for work. T...

Dont Pass Out By The Pool Play Video

Dont Pass Out By The Pool 82 months ago

Passing out around your friends is never a good idea, especially if you are...

Unexpected Pie to the Face Play Video

Unexpected Pie to the Face 83 months ago

Step 1: Make a pie. Step 2: Clean out fridge. Step 3: Own your friend hard.

Hot Girl Train Car Pranks Play Video

Hot Girl Train Car Pranks 83 months ago

A hot girl in a mini skirt pranks unsuspecting train car riders who are for...

Orgasm Ringtone Prank Play Video

Orgasm Ringtone Prank 83 months ago

These guys keep changing their friends ringtone to a woman orgasming then c...

Kid Gets OWNED!!!! Play Video

Kid Gets OWNED!!!! 83 months ago

These guys trick their unsuspecting friend into attempting the box walk cha...

Fishing Line Prank Play Video

Fishing Line Prank 83 months ago

Heres one way to guaruntee that you wont be getting any for a month. Not on...

Arnold Prank Calls Gateway Play Video

Arnold Prank Calls Gateway 84 months ago

Heres a classic Break video from a long time ago that for some reason has r...

Death by Fishing Line Play Video

Death by Fishing Line 84 months ago

I hope this becomes the new buttered floor prank: Duct tape thin fishing li...

The Real World Ikea Play Video

The Real World Ikea 84 months ago

This is the story of 5 strangers who were chosen to live in an Ikea. To fin...

Chicken Box Scare Play Video

Chicken Box Scare 84 months ago

Giant chicken suit, check. Big stack of cardboard boxes, check. Unsuspectin...

Remote Control Soccer Prank Play Video

Remote Control Soccer Prank 84 months ago

Great prank. First this guy surveys all the local bars to see which kind of...

Invisible Rope Prank Part II Play Video

Invisible Rope Prank Part II 84 months ago

These guys took the rope idea from those guys that pranked cars and did it ...