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Pranks are as old as humanity. From ancient druids tripping each other to nuclear scientists writing 8008135 on a coworker's calculator, or even the good old wooden spoon prank--practical jokes have been a part of everyday life for all humans. Of course, some people turn the prank dial to 11. Making memorable prank videos that go so far as to mock bury drunken people alive in a kitchen. Or use pounds of ash and gallons of water to transform an unsuspecting sunbather into an instant mummy. So prank or be pranked, the choice is yours, but always beware the maze scare prank.You can always win some money for your pranks.

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2x4 Prank On Friend Play Video

2x4 Prank On Friend 80 months ago

These guys bet their buddy he can't jump over a 2x4 held roughly 4 feet hig...

Roommate Gunshots Prank Play Video

Roommate Gunshots Prank 80 months ago

If you loved pop corn, you would not want to live with this kid. One of the...

The London Freeze Play Video

The London Freeze 81 months ago

This is the sequel to the now famous Grand Central freeze prank last month.

Another Great Maze Scare Play Video

Another Great Maze Scare 81 months ago

It's been a long time since we posted a good maze scare prank. I thought t...

Wheelchair Crosswalk Prank Play Video

Wheelchair Crosswalk Prank 81 months ago

Some guy pretending to be handicapped falls out of his wheelchair in the mi...

Taser Sneak Attack Play Video

Taser Sneak Attack 82 months ago

Having seen the video on our homepage describing how to make a homemade tas...

Refrigerator Scare Prank Play Video

Refrigerator Scare Prank 82 months ago

Some dude hides in a refrigerator and scares the hell out of his buddy. Ma...

Prank At Grocery Store Play Video

Prank At Grocery Store 82 months ago

Its an old and simple trick but its definetly one of my favorites. As wome...

Sheep Prank Play Video

Sheep Prank 82 months ago

I didnt think this was that great of a clip until the very end when the dud...

Hey We Made The Homepage Play Video

Hey We Made The Homepage 82 months ago

These kids rig a chair and then tell their buddy they made the homepage of ...

Dad Scares Crap Out Of Son Play Video

Dad Scares Crap Out Of Son 82 months ago

Apparently, this kid had been acting all tough around the house so his Dad ...

Firefighter Chief Snake Prank Play Video

Firefighter Chief Snake Prank 82 months ago

A bunch of guys at a firehouse pull a prank on their boss with a fake snake...

Merry Fckin Christmas Play Video

Merry Fckin Christmas 83 months ago

This guy gives his cousin a very special Christmas present: A broken nose b...

Worlds Best Alarm Clock Play Video

Worlds Best Alarm Clock 83 months ago

The good news is you could never sleep through this and be late for work. T...

Dont Pass Out By The Pool Play Video

Dont Pass Out By The Pool 83 months ago

Passing out around your friends is never a good idea, especially if you are...