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Pranks are as old as humanity. From ancient druids tripping each other to nuclear scientists writing 8008135 on a coworker's calculator, or even the good old wooden spoon prank--practical jokes have been a part of everyday life for all humans. Of course, some people turn the prank dial to 11. Making memorable prank videos that go so far as to mock bury drunken people alive in a kitchen. Or use pounds of ash and gallons of water to transform an unsuspecting sunbather into an instant mummy. So prank or be pranked, the choice is yours, but always beware the maze scare prank.You can always win some money for your pranks.

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Too Hot For Panties Prank 19 days ago

Gonne be honest, holding some strange chick’s panties on the street is kind...

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Let's Be Cops Prank 1 month ago

We've noticed that people will do just about anything a cop tells them to d...