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Pranks are as old as humanity. From ancient druids tripping each other to nuclear scientists writing 8008135 on a coworker's calculator, or even the good old wooden spoon prank--practical jokes have been a part of everyday life for all humans. Of course, some people turn the prank dial to 11. Making memorable prank videos that go so far as to mock bury drunken people alive in a kitchen. Or use pounds of ash and gallons of water to transform an unsuspecting sunbather into an instant mummy. So prank or be pranked, the choice is yours, but always beware the maze scare prank.You can always win some money for your pranks.

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Demon Closet Scare Prank Play Video

Demon Closet Scare Prank 40 months ago

This closet scare was set up as revenge for a previous prank. The skill wit...

Awkward! Pervert Priest Play Video

Awkward! Pervert Priest 40 months ago

A priest takes to the streets, looking for a little action. What? You think...

Tin Foil Bedroom Prank Play Video

Tin Foil Bedroom Prank 40 months ago

This kid returns home to find his bedroom covered in tin foil. It's really ...

Samurai Flour Slap Prank Play Video

Samurai Flour Slap Prank 40 months ago

This samurai moves in silence, the best way to apply the Flour Slap to an u...

Sax Man Serenade Prank Play Video

Sax Man Serenade Prank 40 months ago

Apparently having hot sax in public is indecent. Mike Diva and Sax Man Serg...

Closet Scare Prank Fail Play Video

Closet Scare Prank Fail 41 months ago

This kid hides in a wardrobe to scare his roommate. Coming out of the close...

Golden Shower Prank Play Video

Golden Shower Prank 41 months ago

Nothing says 'its just a prank, dude!' like pissing on your friend.

Remi Kart 2 Play Video

Remi Kart 2 41 months ago

Remi is back playing Mario Kart in real life on the streets of France. Remi...

Freaky The Scary Snowman Play Video

Freaky The Scary Snowman 41 months ago

A giant, evil-looking snowman freaks out passers-by in town. Freaky the Sno...

How To Make People Paranoid Play Video

How To Make People Paranoid 42 months ago

This dude follows people around in Target and describes every move they mak...

Great Plastic Cup Floor Prank Play Video

Great Plastic Cup Floor Prank 43 months ago

This guy comes home to find his entire bedroom floor covered in plastic cup...

Good Morning Lab Prank Play Video

Good Morning Lab Prank 44 months ago

A couple co-workers pull off a lab prank on a new employee that will likely...

Irate Black Man Calls Himself Play Video

Irate Black Man Calls Himself 44 months ago

Someone used a soundboard generated from a previous call to this quick-temp...

Thanksgiving Vomit Prank Play Video

Thanksgiving Vomit Prank 44 months ago

This kid tricks his mom into thinking that he's blown chunks all over her a...

Hulk Hands Sucker Punch Prank Play Video

Hulk Hands Sucker Punch Prank 44 months ago

A guy waits for his friend to walk through the door and flattens him with a...