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Pranks are as old as humanity. From ancient druids tripping each other to nuclear scientists writing 8008135 on a coworker's calculator, or even the good old wooden spoon prank--practical jokes have been a part of everyday life for all humans. Of course, some people turn the prank dial to 11. Making memorable prank videos that go so far as to mock bury drunken people alive in a kitchen. Or use pounds of ash and gallons of water to transform an unsuspecting sunbather into an instant mummy. So prank or be pranked, the choice is yours, but always beware the maze scare prank.You can always win some money for your pranks.

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Epic Ball Pump Prank Play Video

Epic Ball Pump Prank 25 months ago

Seems like a reach to us for a cop to threaten them with the charge of 'Imp...

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Highway Prank On Wife 25 months ago

All married men can appreciate the sacrifice this man paid for the sake of ...

Crying Baby Prank Play Video

Crying Baby Prank 25 months ago

Jack Vale puts an old man mask inside a baby carrier and gets some crazy re...

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Big Blue Ball 27 months ago

This guy gets totally owned by a big blue ball. It looks like this started ...

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10 Amazing Practical Jokes 28 months ago

We might have missed April Fools Day with these, but still some great pract...

Exploding Lighter Prank Play Video

Exploding Lighter Prank 29 months ago

This dude pulls off an exploding lighter prank perfectly to a distracted co...

Hilarious Skeleton Prank Play Video

Hilarious Skeleton Prank 29 months ago

This dude scares the hell out of people at the Park City Chill Motorcycle a...

The Oiled Floor Prank Play Video

The Oiled Floor Prank 29 months ago

This girl thought she'd get a nice prank in on her friend and is now a winn...

Fake Vomit Prank Play Video

Fake Vomit Prank 29 months ago

One of the oldest pranks in the book and this woman falls for it, literally...

Pier Jump Prank Fail Play Video

Pier Jump Prank Fail 29 months ago

This dude is convinced he is jumping into water that is over 10 feet deep. ...

Icy Hot Prank Play Video

Icy Hot Prank 31 months ago

Does this look like the face of a soldier who would think swapping out his ...