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If your idea of music is the philharmonic performing Brahms at the MET, then Break has a few surprises in store for you. Featuring the latest hits from pop to rock, as well as the best comedy music videos on the web. Break creates a symphony of videos featuring the most diverse and intriguing music videos in the world. So take a listen and a look, but don't expect a lot of fugues but there may be a Fugee or two.

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Get Lucky Played On PVC Pipes Play Video

Get Lucky Played On PVC Pipes 13 months ago

A medley of Daft Punk songs played on the Rimba Tubes and a plethora of oth...

Misheard Song Lyrics III Play Video

Misheard Song Lyrics III 13 months ago

Back with another round of incorrect lyrics that you'll never be able to un...

Supermarket Karaoke Play Video

Supermarket Karaoke 13 months ago

This chick grabs the mic at a karaoke machine on display and does job cover...

"Berzerk" - Eminem Play Video

"Berzerk" - Eminem 14 months ago

What do you guys think about Eminem's newest song?

Acapella Cover Of Clarity Play Video

Acapella Cover Of Clarity 14 months ago

Mike Topkins is back with another cover using nothing but his mouth for all...


IMMORTAL 14 months ago