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If your idea of music is the philharmonic performing Brahms at the MET, then Break has a few surprises in store for you. Featuring the latest hits from pop to rock, as well as the best comedy music videos on the web. Break creates a symphony of videos featuring the most diverse and intriguing music videos in the world. So take a listen and a look, but don't expect a lot of fugues but there may be a Fugee or two.

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Guess the Backwards Song Play Video

Guess the Backwards Song 65 months ago

Impressive memorization, but can you guess what the song is before the midd...

Fire Alarm Jam Play Video

Fire Alarm Jam 66 months ago

These students set off a fire alarm and blend it into a song so perfectly t...

Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger Play Video

Kids Sing Eye of the Tiger 66 months ago

How does an pump-up anthem become more inspiring? Make adorable kids sing i...

The Rapping Flight Attendant Play Video

The Rapping Flight Attendant 68 months ago

Sick of the same old pre-flight routine? Listen to this guy's rhyming feats...

No Cellphones During Concert Play Video

No Cellphones During Concert 68 months ago

These musicians let one of audience members know that they prefer no talkin...

Everyday Normal Rap Crew Play Video

Everyday Normal Rap Crew 70 months ago

Jon LaJoie, the world's most ordinary rapper, introduces his everyday crew....

Enter the Kazoo Man Play Video

Enter the Kazoo Man 70 months ago

A hilarious cover of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' played entirely on the kaz...

The Ballad of Mario Kart Play Video

The Ballad of Mario Kart 71 months ago

Looking to score with emo chicks who love Nintendo racing games? Sing this ...

Quickest Man Alive Play Video

Quickest Man Alive 72 months ago

Here's a ballad that really couldn't have come soon enough.

Kitty Gangsta Rap Play Video

Kitty Gangsta Rap 72 months ago

Kittens have had it too good for too long. It's about time someone put the...

Show Me Your Genitals Pt. 2 Play Video

Show Me Your Genitals Pt. 2 74 months ago

Jon Lajoie comes through with part two of his hit song about his special mo...

Stay at Home Dad Rap Play Video

Stay at Home Dad Rap 75 months ago

Stay at home dads are a demographic that has been ignored for far too long ...

Guitar Player Takes Out Fan Play Video

Guitar Player Takes Out Fan 75 months ago

When you do this to your biggest fans you can kind of understand why they a...

I Google Myself Play Video

I Google Myself 75 months ago

This is a must see. This guy created a rap with all his failed online atte...

Singer Faints Off Stage Play Video

Singer Faints Off Stage 76 months ago

This singer chooses a bad time to pass out from drinking hard the night bef...

The One Man Band Play Video

The One Man Band 77 months ago

Everytime I post a beatbox I think ok this is the best guy I have ever seen...

I'm Bo Yo Play Video

I'm Bo Yo 77 months ago

Another great video from ...