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If your idea of music is the philharmonic performing Brahms at the MET, then Break has a few surprises in store for you. Featuring the latest hits from pop to rock, as well as the best comedy music videos on the web. Break creates a symphony of videos featuring the most diverse and intriguing music videos in the world. So take a listen and a look, but don't expect a lot of fugues but there may be a Fugee or two.

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Bob Dylan 70th Birthday Play Video

Bob Dylan 70th Birthday 41 months ago

So today, May 24th 2011, is Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. And I could’ve swor...

Bonnaroo Line Up Play Video

Bonnaroo Line Up 41 months ago

Bonnaroo Line Up on Newsfeed - If you didn’t have enough money for Coachell...

Rock Stars At White House Play Video

Rock Stars At White House 41 months ago

Rock Stars at the White House on Newsfeed - There has been a lot of flack a...

Banned Music Videos Play Video

Banned Music Videos 42 months ago

This is a transcript of Banned Music Videos on Newsfeed...Musicians often u...

Mary Magdalene and Lady Gaga Play Video

Mary Magdalene and Lady Gaga 42 months ago

This is a transcript of Who is Mary Magdalene on Newsfeed...Lady Gaga is st...

Nu Thang Play Video

Nu Thang 42 months ago

Ironically, this is the only video that plays on TV in hell.

Death Metal Vocal Practice Play Video

Death Metal Vocal Practice 42 months ago

This death metal singer warms up by practicing his scales. I'm so glad beca...

Groupie Grinding Fail Play Video

Groupie Grinding Fail 42 months ago

This old woman tries to dance up on a rapper and ends up on the ground. Som...

David Cook Songs Play Video

David Cook Songs 42 months ago

David Cook was on American Idol Thursday night to perform his new single, “...

Coachella Lineup 2011 Play Video

Coachella Lineup 2011 42 months ago

This is a transcript of Coachella Lineup 2011...This weekend brings us the ...

Watch Coachella Live Play Video

Watch Coachella Live 42 months ago

This is a transcript of Watch Coachella Live on Newsfeed...For those of you...

Iggy Pop Top Quotes Play Video

Iggy Pop Top Quotes 42 months ago

This is a transcript of Iggy Pop Top Quotes on Newsfeed...Musician Iggy Pop...

Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano Play Video

Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano 42 months ago

This took place at Gaga's recent Monster Ball tour stop in Houston, Tx. Did...

Stooges - Best Songs Play Video

Stooges - Best Songs 43 months ago

This is a transcript of "Stooges - Best Songs" - Since Iggy Pop of the land...

Iggy Pop History Lesson Play Video

Iggy Pop History Lesson 43 months ago

This is a transcript of "Iggy Pop History Lesson" - For those of you who we...

Lonely Island "We're Back" Play Video

Lonely Island "We're Back" 43 months ago

Lonely Island, the dopest group in the rap (parody) game, are back with a n...

Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers Play Video

Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers 43 months ago

So everyone has been asking me where do I get Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa...

Boom Boom Boom, Weehoo! Play Video

Boom Boom Boom, Weehoo! 43 months ago

This girl's recital of Boom Boom Boom makes me want to go back to the 90s a...