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If your idea of music is the philharmonic performing Brahms at the MET, then Break has a few surprises in store for you. Featuring the latest hits from pop to rock, as well as the best comedy music videos on the web. Break creates a symphony of videos featuring the most diverse and intriguing music videos in the world. So take a listen and a look, but don't expect a lot of fugues but there may be a Fugee or two.

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It's One-Hit Wonder Day! Read Article

It's One-Hit Wonder Day! 10 months ago

It's National One-Hit Wonder Day, so let's celebrate by not listening to AN...

How The 1% Twerk Play Video

How The 1% Twerk 10 months ago

There’s nothing not good about this.

Get Lucky Played On PVC Pipes Play Video

Get Lucky Played On PVC Pipes 10 months ago

A medley of Daft Punk songs played on the Rimba Tubes and a plethora of oth...

Misheard Song Lyrics III Play Video

Misheard Song Lyrics III 10 months ago

Back with another round of incorrect lyrics that you'll never be able to un...