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A 100 million dollar film boiled down into a 90 second movie trailer. That is a 1 with 8 zeros behind it reduced down into 90 seconds of action, suspense, drama, and some semblance of a story. These clips can make or break a film, giving the audience their first taste of the feast the whole film will be. Break has compiled all the newest trailers from the biggest names in cinema. From horror slashers to romantic comedies, and James Cameron to Francis Ford Coppola, no genre is left untouched and no hit is missed. So, before you go to the movies, experience just a taste from Break.

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Role Models Trailer Play Video

Role Models Trailer 70 months ago

Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott star in Role Models as Danny and Wheeler,...

"Yes is the New No" Contest Play Video

"Yes is the New No" Contest 71 months ago

What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you from saying YES? Submit...

Soul Men Redband Trailer Play Video

Soul Men Redband Trailer 71 months ago

Henderson and Hinds are staging a comeback this Friday, November 7th!

Drive Play Video

Drive 73 months ago

How far would you go to get the girl of your dreams? In stores Oct 17.

Drive Ian To Work Play Video

Drive Ian To Work 73 months ago

Are you into guys? drive in stores Oct 17th.

Biplane Buzzes Control Tower Play Video

Biplane Buzzes Control Tower 73 months ago

Insert Top Gun quote here as this biplane trick racer flies below the hard ...

Choke Trailer Play Video

Choke Trailer 73 months ago

A con-man pays for his mother's hospital bills by playing on the sympathies...

My Best Friend's Girl Trailer Play Video

My Best Friend's Girl Trailer 74 months ago

My Best Friend's Girl, in theaters September 19th, starring Kate Hudson, Da...

Lloyd Christmas - 007 Play Video

Lloyd Christmas - 007 74 months ago

Dumb and Dumber mixed with the trailer for the new Bond move Quantum of Sol...

Disaster Movie Trailer Play Video

Disaster Movie Trailer 74 months ago

Your favorite movies are going to be destroyed: August 29, 2008.

Tropic Thunder Clip Play Video

Tropic Thunder Clip 75 months ago

Tropic Thunder in theaters 8/13 starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert...

Tropic Thunder Trailer Play Video

Tropic Thunder Trailer 75 months ago

Tropic Thunder in theaters 8/13 starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert...

Death Race Trailer Play Video

Death Race Trailer 75 months ago

Get ready for a killer ride: 08.22.08