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A 100 million dollar film boiled down into a 90 second movie trailer. That is a 1 with 8 zeros behind it reduced down into 90 seconds of action, suspense, drama, and some semblance of a story. These clips can make or break a film, giving the audience their first taste of the feast the whole film will be. Break has compiled all the newest trailers from the biggest names in cinema. From horror slashers to romantic comedies, and James Cameron to Francis Ford Coppola, no genre is left untouched and no hit is missed. So, before you go to the movies, experience just a taste from Break.

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Trailer - Runner Runner Play Video

Trailer - Runner Runner 16 months ago

When a college student loses everything playing online poker, he believes h...

RIPD Trailer Play Video

RIPD Trailer 16 months ago

In theatres July 19th.

The Family - Trailer Play Video

The Family - Trailer 16 months ago

Robert De Niro as a mobster. Inspired? No. Amazing? Looks that way.

Paranoia Play Video

Paranoia 16 months ago

Harrison Ford Alert! An entry-level employee at a powerful corporation find...

Insidious, Chapter 2 Play Video

Insidious, Chapter 2 16 months ago

The family finds them trying to get on with their lives only to be surprise...

Blackfish Trailer Play Video

Blackfish Trailer 16 months ago

Using every ounce of restraint, the producers of Blackfish resisted their u...

Prisoners Trailer Play Video

Prisoners Trailer 16 months ago

Hugh Jackman and Terence Howard star as dads who just want Paul Dano to giv...

Machete Kills Play Video

Machete Kills 16 months ago

While this trailer for Machete Kills lacks the blood, guts, and innards-bun...

FOMO Horror Movie Trailer Play Video

FOMO Horror Movie Trailer 17 months ago

Finally, a horror movie that brings today's worst fear to the big screen.

Honest Trailers - Fast Five Play Video

Honest Trailers - Fast Five 17 months ago

With Fast Six coming out this memorial day - we took on FAST FIVE! The only...

Honest Trailers: Iron Man 2 Play Video

Honest Trailers: Iron Man 2 18 months ago

Before you see Iron Man 3, revisit the film that should lower your expectat...

Sexy Evil Genius - Trailer Play Video

Sexy Evil Genius - Trailer 19 months ago

A group of people are lured to the same bar in downtown Los Angeles by Nikk...

Snitch - Trailer Play Video

Snitch - Trailer 20 months ago

Starring Dwayne Johnson Inspired by True Events In Theaters February 22

Honest Trailers: Skyfall Play Video

Honest Trailers: Skyfall 20 months ago

His name is Bond, James Bond... and everyone in the universe seems to know ...