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When the dead walk the earth, only the strong will survive. Whether the zombies are the slow moving masses from "Night of The Living Dead" or the speedy infected from "28 Days Later" one thing is for certain, go for the brain. Break's zombie videos provide clear and concise examples of how to combat a growing zombie apocalypse. So, stay ever vigilant and remember knives don't need reloading.

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Bad Taste Play Video

Bad Taste 12 months ago

Directed by- Peter Jackson. A.K.A. Roast of the Day. Thrash. Plot- Four d...

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10 Reasons to stay on Netflix 37 months ago

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Sob Story Play Video

Sob Story 39 months ago

A young woman moves in to a new house only to discover that she's not alone...

Blind Date Play Video

Blind Date 39 months ago

A woman gets a little too literal when it comes to her blind date.