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15. Tusk View Image

15. Tusk 3 months ago

Kevin Smith directed this body horror flick that started as a conversation ...

14. Basket Case View Image

14. Basket Case 3 months ago

This classic b horror movie about a deformed conjoined twin that lives in a...

13. Tetsuo: The Iron Man View Image

13. Tetsuo: The Iron Man 3 months ago

A “metal fetishist” goes on an insane rampage, infecting others with the ab...

12. The Fly View Image

12. The Fly 3 months ago

Working on a teleportation machine, good old Jeff Goldblum accidentally mix...

11. The Thing View Image

11. The Thing 3 months ago

This classic body horror has scientists trapped in Antarctica with this thi...

10. The Beast Within View Image

10. The Beast Within 3 months ago

Dr. Pimple Popper might have been able to help him with this.

9.Street Trash View Image

9.Street Trash 3 months ago

An old batch of bad booze is sold to street people and it makes them melt o...

8. Society View Image

8. Society 3 months ago

Seriously, you need to watch this movie!

7. Slither View Image

7. Slither 3 months ago

This lady has millions of baby aliens laying eggs inside her. Gross!

6. RoboCop (2014) View Image

6. RoboCop (2014) 3 months ago

The underlying horror of Robocop was that he was a man unwillingly turned i...

5. The Incredible Melting Man View Image

5. The Incredible Melting Man 3 months ago

An astronaut returns from space and begins to melt and murder! Best line: “...

3. Society (1989) View Image

3. Society (1989) 3 months ago

A kid finds out his family belongs to a freaky high society club that enjoy...

2. From Beyond View Image

2. From Beyond 3 months ago

A scientist turns into a shape shifting monster from another dimension.