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Amazing 'Predator' Rap! Play Video

Amazing 'Predator' Rap! 76 months ago

The duo behind such 'hits' as The Aliens Rap and The Robocop Rap, DJ MaYhem...

'Martyrs'-Uncut Trailer Play Video

'Martyrs'-Uncut Trailer 76 months ago

Two young women must battle with the horrors of brutal torture, cults and d...

'Predators' Clip-Awake Play Video

'Predators' Clip-Awake 77 months ago

Adrien Brody crash lands on the Predators' planet and meets some of the rag...

How To Make Brain Cupcakes! Play Video

How To Make Brain Cupcakes! 77 months ago

Are you a zombie hungry for brains, but don't have the real thing around to...