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From the deepest recesses of the darkest minds come the insane clips of Break's horror category. Blood, gore, torture, and even more gore make up some of the scariest videos the world has ever seen. From vampires to sci-fi, zombies to supernatural, these bone chilling clips will haunt your nights, as well as your days. So strap on an extra absorbent adult diaper and proceed at your own risk.

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Piranha 3D - Featurette Play Video

Piranha 3D - Featurette 45 months ago

Watch the Piranha 3D Featurette. After a sudden underwater tremor sets free...

Home Alone... With Zombies!! Play Video

Home Alone... With Zombies!! 45 months ago

Home Alone/ I Am Legend mash-up. Who would you rather have on your side dur...