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From the deepest recesses of the darkest minds come the insane clips of Break's horror category. Blood, gore, torture, and even more gore make up some of the scariest videos the world has ever seen. From vampires to sci-fi, zombies to supernatural, these bone chilling clips will haunt your nights, as well as your days. So strap on an extra absorbent adult diaper and proceed at your own risk.

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The Victims Fan-Made Trailer Play Video

The Victims Fan-Made Trailer 60 months ago

Fan-made trailer for a movie called The Victims, starring EDGAR O and Pepp...

Tangled Web Play Video

Tangled Web 60 months ago

Short horror film produced, edited and directed by Todd Svoboda. Sarah is h...

The Eel - Short Film Play Video

The Eel - Short Film 60 months ago

A short horror film/music video by Dominic Hailstone, featuring dark imager...

Hallucination Gore Play Video

Hallucination Gore 60 months ago

A short horror film featuring terrifying hallucinations, starring Márcio Co...

Break Gallery CCLXV View Gallery

Break Gallery CCLXV 67 months ago

Break Gallery 265 is the largest Break Gallery ever posted, featuring buttl...

Break Gallery CCLXIII View Gallery

Break Gallery CCLXIII 67 months ago

Break Gallery 263 is guaranteed to cure any mid-week-in-the-middle-of-Janua...

Break Gallery CCLXII View Gallery

Break Gallery CCLXII 67 months ago

Break Gallery 262 is overflowing with awesome pics from all over the place,...

Brooke Erased Play Video

Brooke Erased 74 months ago

Brooke Marks (1986-2008))

Jasmin Erased Play Video

Jasmin Erased 74 months ago

A fourth clip posted. A panicked phone call. Brooke’s last day on earth.

Brooke Could Be Next Play Video

Brooke Could Be Next 74 months ago

Knows where she goes to school. Knows where she lives. On the net, TMI = ...

Snuff Video Screening Play Video

Snuff Video Screening 74 months ago

Brooke’s freaked. “IntellTinkerer” has gone too far. Officer Rudy Perez o...

Don’t Call Me A Slut! Play Video

Don’t Call Me A Slut! 74 months ago

Carolina caught on tape. Adding insult to injury. Video blogging is aweso...

Stripped Down Play Video

Stripped Down 75 months ago

Things to do: undress. Check Tony’s voicemail. Tell the world a shocking...

GET OFF! Play Video

GET OFF! 75 months ago

A ringtone from hell. A five-o’clock-shadow make out. A mysterious Caller...

Breaking Up with a Cryer Play Video

Breaking Up with a Cryer 75 months ago

Making love in the bath. Orgasmic tears after. Brooke at the boiling poin...

Rubber Duckie Guy Blues Play Video

Rubber Duckie Guy Blues 75 months ago

Phone stalking. Rubber duckie voices. Brandon’s got to go.

Morning Breath 911 Play Video

Morning Breath 911 75 months ago

Making love after snoring. Emergency measures needed. Brooke goes undercove...

It's All About Boobs Play Video

It's All About Boobs 75 months ago

A hidden camera. Lots of cleavage. Guys are so easy.


BROOKE MARKS THE SPOT! 75 months ago

Hot E-lebrity Brooke Marks begins blogging about her personal life, and you...


“VLOG” TRAILER 75 months ago

An investigation into the death of real-life internet vlogger Brooke Marks,...

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Break Gallery CLXXXIX 76 months ago

Break Gallery 189!!! Another weekend gallery to purge your delight to. Get ...

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Break Gallery CLXXIII 80 months ago

Break Gallery 173!!! Get ready to get your eyeballs blown by the coolest an...

Break Gallery CLVIII View Gallery

Break Gallery CLVIII 83 months ago

Break Gallery #158!!! Another fine week of fine pics to sort through. We h...