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From the deepest recesses of the darkest minds come the insane clips of Break's horror category. Blood, gore, torture, and even more gore make up some of the scariest videos the world has ever seen. From vampires to sci-fi, zombies to supernatural, these bone chilling clips will haunt your nights, as well as your days. So strap on an extra absorbent adult diaper and proceed at your own risk.

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Smile Play Video

Smile 59 months ago

SMILE is a 2005 student film by Yuval Markovich and Noam Abta produced at B...

The Coin Play Video

The Coin 59 months ago

A short horror film featuring a couple that find a mysterious coin on a hik...

Horror Montage Tribute Play Video

Horror Montage Tribute 59 months ago

A montage of various classic horror films, put to beautiful piano music.

Deep Seated Play Video

Deep Seated 59 months ago

A teenage girl who lost her brother years ago to two ex convicts, who has n...

Beneath the Sink Play Video

Beneath the Sink 59 months ago

A devoted handyman, hired by a kooky cat-lady, ventures into the sewers to ...

AXE (SAW spoof) Play Video

AXE (SAW spoof) 60 months ago

A parody of the SAW films.

After Hours Play Video

After Hours 60 months ago

A film produced by the Austin Film Festival. Mr. Barker is missing. Julie's...

Dawn of the Loving Dead Play Video

Dawn of the Loving Dead 60 months ago

Sequel to the original short film 'Night of the Loving Dead,' featuring zom...

Something for Santa Play Video

Something for Santa 60 months ago

Movie trailer for short horror film about a time and place where, on Christ...

Camping With Carl Play Video

Camping With Carl 60 months ago

One hand-held camcorder, a $50 tripod, two camping lanterns for lighting, a...

Towelface IV Play Video

Towelface IV 60 months ago

When a young backpacker encounters a mysterious stranger while hitchhiking,...

A Night to Remember Play Video

A Night to Remember 60 months ago

They are miles from home, and have no idea how they got there...

The Ghost - Short Horror Film Play Video

The Ghost - Short Horror Film 60 months ago

A short film inspired from a true story or legend as we say here, from a sm...

Middle of Nowhere Play Video

Middle of Nowhere 60 months ago

A horror short film by Moonville Productions made in the spring of 2007.