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From the deepest recesses of the darkest minds come the insane clips of Break's horror category. Blood, gore, torture, and even more gore make up some of the scariest videos the world has ever seen. From vampires to sci-fi, zombies to supernatural, these bone chilling clips will haunt your nights, as well as your days. So strap on an extra absorbent adult diaper and proceed at your own risk.

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Spooky Ghost Sighting Video Play Video

Spooky Ghost Sighting Video 57 months ago

A strange, frightening object leaps out of the shadows and then recedes bac...

Unsuccessful Scare Prank Play Video

Unsuccessful Scare Prank 57 months ago

Lesson learned: when you scare people, try and make sure that a) they're no...

Real Exorcism Play Video

Real Exorcism 57 months ago

A documentary-style video featuring Martina, a little girl undergoing real ...

Cherries - Short Horror Film Play Video

Cherries - Short Horror Film 57 months ago

A New York denizen gets more than he bargained for when he passes a dollar ...

Haunting Villisca Play Video

Haunting Villisca 57 months ago

A fictional feature length movie inspired by the true story of Iowas histor...

Power Outage Play Video

Power Outage 57 months ago

Three kids are having a blast playing video games...until the power goes ou...

The Visiting Play Video

The Visiting 57 months ago

When a man loses an estranged friend, he is visited by an otherworldly ghos...

Horror Friends TV Show Spoof Play Video

Horror Friends TV Show Spoof 57 months ago

What if the TV show Friends starred classic horror villains like Freddy and...

Horror Music Video Play Video

Horror Music Video 57 months ago

A well done music video composed of scenes from various classic horror film...

The Incident Play Video

The Incident 57 months ago

A short film about a reporting crew and a cop who end up in a creepy house ...

Suck on this! Play Video

Suck on this! 57 months ago

If you think that vampires suck rating...

Tow Truck Killers Play Video

Tow Truck Killers 57 months ago

Another car carrying a group of party-goers breaks down on the property of ...

Personal Demons Play Video

Personal Demons 57 months ago

A drug addict's alter ego manifests itself as a monstrous hallucination whi...

Michelle Vanegas Interview Play Video

Michelle Vanegas Interview 57 months ago

Actress Michelle Vanegas who stars in the independent horror film Long Pig ...

Smile Play Video

Smile 58 months ago

SMILE is a 2005 student film by Yuval Markovich and Noam Abta produced at B...

The Coin Play Video

The Coin 58 months ago

A short horror film featuring a couple that find a mysterious coin on a hik...

Horror Montage Tribute Play Video

Horror Montage Tribute 58 months ago

A montage of various classic horror films, put to beautiful piano music.