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Human Centipede Arm Tattoo View Image

Human Centipede Arm Tattoo 2 months ago

Who needs a girlfriend when you can look at your sweet Human Centipede tatt...

Human Centipede Patch View Image

Human Centipede Patch 2 months ago

Sewing a Human Centipede patch to your denim jacket is like mentally sewing...

Human Centipede Cufflinks View Image

Human Centipede Cufflinks 2 months ago

Human Centipede cufflinks are classy for any occasion: weddings, funerals, ...

Human Centipede Butt Tattoo View Image

Human Centipede Butt Tattoo 2 months ago

It's really nice that this person put instructions to complete the human ce...

Human Centi-Roasted Pigs View Image

Human Centi-Roasted Pigs 2 months ago

Dr. Heiter's luaus are the best! No one leaves hungry, even the middle!

Human Centi-Cup Cakes View Image

Human Centi-Cup Cakes 2 months ago

I can never eat just one cupcake, so this way I can start from the ass and ...

Boob Tattoo View Image

Boob Tattoo 2 months ago

This girl looks like a keeper, bring her home to mom and dad! Only if your ...

Human Centipede Baby Bib View Image

Human Centipede Baby Bib 2 months ago

If children are taught about human centipedes from an early age they will e...

Human Centipede Winter Cap View Image

Human Centipede Winter Cap 2 months ago

For all those cold, frosty winter nights, The Human Centipede Winter Cap is...

Human Centi-Legos View Image

Human Centi-Legos 2 months ago

These are some building blocks you really don't want to stick together.

Human Centi-yarn View Image

Human Centi-yarn 2 months ago

This is the only time it's OK to sew someone ass to mouth. When they are ma...

The Fury View Image

The Fury 2 months ago


The Beyond View Image

The Beyond 2 months ago


Creature View Image

Creature 2 months ago


Chucky Bus Shelter Ad Prank Play Video

Chucky Bus Shelter Ad Prank 5 months ago

It's not so much that it's Chucky as that there is an actual guy with a kni...