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Dolls Trailer Play Video

Dolls Trailer 27 months ago

Dolls horror movie trailer

Honest Trailers - Divergent Play Video

Honest Trailers - Divergent 27 months ago

Divergent is just the latest YA phenomenon to hit the big screen - but some...

Craziest Cult Movies! Play Video

Craziest Cult Movies! 27 months ago

Sharknado 2 is on the horizon, and it's just the latest b-movie to be haile...

The Purge Anarchy - Survive Play Video

The Purge Anarchy - Survive 28 months ago

For the next 12 hours all crime is legal. On July 18th survive the night. T...

Best & Worst Movie Robots Play Video

Best & Worst Movie Robots 28 months ago

With the Transformers rolling back into theaters, we decided to break down ...