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Movies combine the drama of the theater, the emotion of a symphony, and the money of a professional sports team into two and a half hours of entertainment excellence. Break reviews the best and most popular movies as well as has exclusive clips and interviews with films brightest stars. From art house to popcorn thrillers, Break covers ever frame to make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest news in the screen world

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Happy Gilmore + SHOOTER Play Video

Happy Gilmore + SHOOTER 90 months ago

Happy Gilmores Shooter McGavin meets the Mark Wahlberg action thriller Shoo...

The Condemned Trailer Play Video

The Condemned Trailer 90 months ago

The most vicious form of illegal entertainment is about to go online.

On A Remote Island Play Video

On A Remote Island 90 months ago

The players, ruthless killers. The game, stay alive.

The Condemned Chopper Play Video

The Condemned Chopper 90 months ago

10 handcuffed murderers are thrown out of choppers into the ocean, may the ...

Behind The Scenes Redline Play Video

Behind The Scenes Redline 91 months ago

I would give me left arm to drive around in a Ferrari with a hot chick name...

Terminator Vs Robocop Play Video

Terminator Vs Robocop 91 months ago

Whoever created this mash up is very talented, he spliced together a bunch ...

Redline Premiere Party Play Video

Redline Premiere Party 91 months ago

What better way to celebrate the release of Redline than with a huge party ...

Redline Trailer Play Video

Redline Trailer 91 months ago

Risk Everything. Fear Nothing. April 13th.

Redline Lambo Crash Play Video

Redline Lambo Crash 91 months ago

The Producer of Redline donated his very own Lamborghini Murcielago in orde...

Redline Behind The Scenes Play Video

Redline Behind The Scenes 91 months ago

Go behind the scenes of the new movie Redline and see what goes into destro...

Funny Opening Credits Play Video

Funny Opening Credits 91 months ago

Ok Ill admit I had to watch this clip three times before I figured out what...

Blades Of Glory Press Junket Play Video

Blades Of Glory Press Junket 91 months ago

Last week Break sat down with stars of Blades Of Glory and asked questions ...

Spring Board Malfunction Play Video

Spring Board Malfunction 91 months ago

A gymnast attempts to do his routine but as he hits the springboard the boa...

Blades Of Glory Trailer Play Video

Blades Of Glory Trailer 91 months ago

The passion, the power, the world of competitive skating.

Girl Owned During Dunk Contest Play Video

Girl Owned During Dunk Contest 91 months ago

Just when you think were past the white guys cant jump stereotype this happ...

Fire And Ice Play Video

Fire And Ice 91 months ago

Doing things that no other pair would dare to do.

Chazz Stockholm Routine Play Video

Chazz Stockholm Routine 91 months ago

He just uses everything at his disposal, the movement, the music...

Lady Humps Play Video

Lady Humps 91 months ago

Were gonna skate to one song and one song only, Lady Humps by the Black Eye...

Whats A Triple Salchow Play Video

Whats A Triple Salchow 91 months ago

Before filming for Blades of Glory, the cast really did their homework on s...