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The Best Movie Toys EVER! Play Video

The Best Movie Toys EVER! 9 days ago

Over the years, toy collecting has become one of movie-lovers favorite past...

Lion King Remake Must Haves? Play Video

Lion King Remake Must Haves? 22 days ago

1 - What is the worst Tim Burton movie? 2 - What two co-stars from a classi...

Are Original Movies Dead? Play Video

Are Original Movies Dead? 23 days ago

With the recent surge of sequels and remakes, we're sitting down to chat a...

Warcraft - Honest Trailers Play Video

Warcraft - Honest Trailers 25 days ago

Dive into the video game movie that heightened our expectations of a video ...

That Was a Remake?? Play Video

That Was a Remake?? 1 month ago

Remakes seem to be all the rage in Hollywood lately, and we've really had e...