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How to Fix DIE HARD 5 Play Video

How to Fix DIE HARD 5 22 months ago

We're introducing our new segment, "Talking Junk" - where we bring in fello...

Avengers Haters Assembled! Play Video

Avengers Haters Assembled! 22 months ago

Welcome to the premiere episode of our new weekly series The Screen Junkies...

Women In Labor Supercut Play Video

Women In Labor Supercut 22 months ago

The joy, pain, and hilarity of movie and TV childbirths.

Wasted In Film Supercut Play Video

Wasted In Film Supercut 22 months ago

Movies are never short on characters who have had one too many. Just like r...

Get Down! - Supercut Play Video

Get Down! - Supercut 22 months ago

When the going gets tough, there's only one thing movie characters can do: ...

New Year's Eve - Supercut Play Video

New Year's Eve - Supercut 22 months ago

As everyone prepares to ring in 2014, sit back and enjoy this collection of...