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That Came Out This Year?! Play Video

That Came Out This Year?! 20 hours ago

So many controversial and buzzed about movies came out this year, but what ...

Best Scorsese Movie? Play Video

Best Scorsese Movie? 6 days ago

1) Worst Robert DeNiro Performance? 2) Best Martin Scorsese movie 3) Worst ...

Movie Science: Arrival Play Video

Movie Science: Arrival 14 days ago

Arrival has landed in theaters and is a box office hit - but does the scien...

Deadliest Horror Villain?! Play Video

Deadliest Horror Villain?! 1 month ago

1. Pitch two iconic horror villains that you would want to see face off in ...

Best Horror Franchise! Play Video

Best Horror Franchise! 1 month ago

From Halloween to Paranormal Activity to Child's Play, the ScreenJunkies ar...