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The Telenovela Strikes Back Play Video

The Telenovela Strikes Back 44 months ago

Ever wished that the Star Wars Saga was a telenovela? Well, wait no more! I...

Back By Popular Demand View Image

Back By Popular Demand 45 months ago

Terrible McGee/Christian Bale movie be-damned! The Terminators back and he'...

That's My Boy! Play Video

That's My Boy! 45 months ago

Check out the red band trailer for That's My Boy

Human Centipede: Santipede View Image

Human Centipede: Santipede 45 months ago

This one has a sack full of toys,too. Just don't open it. Not ever.

Human Centipede: Gumipede View Image

Human Centipede: Gumipede 45 months ago

This is hte most delicious kind of perverse suffering imaginable.

Not Quite the Human Centipede View Gallery

Not Quite the Human Centipede 45 months ago

Everyone loves that adorable scamp the Human Centipede, so here are a few h...

The Master Teaser Trailer Play Video

The Master Teaser Trailer 45 months ago

Watch The Master teaser trailer. A 1950s-set drama centered on the relatio...