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Our Robocop Remake Play Video

Our Robocop Remake 2 days ago

A Robocop remake was just released - but not the one Hollywood wants you to...

Before They Were Famous #2 Play Video

Before They Were Famous #2 2 days ago

You guys loved our first commercials show so much, we're giving you more! B...

2013 Bloopers & Outtakes Play Video

2013 Bloopers & Outtakes 2 days ago

To celebrate the end of 2013, we're bringing some of the moments you DIDN'T...

Best & Worst Remakes! Play Video

Best & Worst Remakes! 2 days ago

Hollywood is being flooded with more remakes than ever - we put together a ...

How to Fix ROBOCOP Play Video

How to Fix ROBOCOP 2 days ago

Robocop is the next reboot movie coming to a theater near you. We invited N...

Worst Comedy Sequels Play Video

Worst Comedy Sequels 2 days ago

With Grown Ups 2 coming out, we wanted to take the temperature of Adam Sand...

Best Movie Presidents Play Video

Best Movie Presidents 2 days ago

This Fourth of July our guest panel is voting for the best television and m...

Top 10 Summer Movies 2013 Play Video

Top 10 Summer Movies 2013 2 days ago

Forget "Sports" season - its Summer Movie Season!!! So we brought in a pane...