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Worst Magician Ever Play Video

Worst Magician Ever 3 months ago

His next trick is pulling a rabbit out of the oven.

Pink Shirt Kissing Prank Play Video

Pink Shirt Kissing Prank 6 months ago

So glad people are making videos to find out how far a girl will go with a ...

Dry Humor Kid Magician Play Video

Dry Humor Kid Magician 9 months ago

This 15 year old kid won this years best teenage magician.

Bus Levitation Play Video

Bus Levitation 9 months ago

Dynamo goes beyond the obvious to see the sights of London while levitating...

Magic Money Prank Play Video

Magic Money Prank 10 months ago

The subtitles are what really make the trick work. Wut?

Spare Square Trick Play Video

Spare Square Trick 12 months ago

We’re not giving away how it’s done, but check the difference between 0:10 ...

Magic Clerk Prank Play Video

Magic Clerk Prank 13 months ago

Those kids with the jelly beans seemed entirely unconcerned with what happe...

Six Magicians That Fail Magic Play Videos

Six Magicians That Fail Magic 16 months ago

Magic isn't easy and these amateur magicians prove it. They can keep trying...

Abraca Flaming Forehead Play Video

Abraca Flaming Forehead 16 months ago

The only magician who did this trick better was The Great 3rd Degree Burnzi...

Magic Tongue Trick Play Video

Magic Tongue Trick 33 months ago

This girls has got some serious tongue skills. She folds a paper crane fro...

Magic Dollar Drive-Thru Prank Play Video

Magic Dollar Drive-Thru Prank 34 months ago

This guy pays astounded drive-thru employees with an enchanted dollar that ...