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Illusion is a broad term. Some people may consider a lady's pair of spanks an illusion by making her figure seem more shapely than in fact it is. But Break's definition of illusion is more specific. Videos that demonstrate what cannot be true. Beams of light that suddenly appear solid. Worlds constructed with the laws of an M.C. Escher painting. And tricks of the light that make the impossible seem possible. From moving eye pictures to, optical illusions that will make your brain hurt for days. Break's illusions will have you second guessing the very reality around you.

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Lights, Camera, Faces Play Video

Lights, Camera, Faces 15 months ago

From Seductive to insane in the blink of an eye.

This Will Blow Your Mind Play Video

This Will Blow Your Mind 24 months ago

Not sure anyone will have the patience to actually make this thing, but the...

Park Avenue Optical Illusion Play Video

Park Avenue Optical Illusion 28 months ago

Rafael Barrios created this amazing optical illusion that is on display in ...

Amazing Optical Illusions Play Video

Amazing Optical Illusions 31 months ago

At the end of each one I promised myself I wouldn't be tricked again, then ...

Amazing Magic Rings Illusion Play Video

Amazing Magic Rings Illusion 37 months ago

This guy pulls off a stunning display with this magic rings illusion. For h...

Awesome Sidewalk Art Illusion Play Video

Awesome Sidewalk Art Illusion 37 months ago

This is an elaborate bit of street art, created by Erik Johansson in Sweden...

Cool Apple Ipad Magic Show Play Video

Cool Apple Ipad Magic Show 50 months ago

If this magic show is like everything else Apple does, expect everyone else...

Impossible Motion Trick Play Video

Impossible Motion Trick 50 months ago

Very cool motion trick that I thought I had figured out until the end.

Stop Motion T-Shirt War Play Video

Stop Motion T-Shirt War 54 months ago

Two guys with two hundred and twenty-two custom t-shirts (and also one fire...

Halloween Math Lesson Play Video

Halloween Math Lesson 57 months ago

This is what happens when you sign up for Professor Ed Wood's math class.

The Prediction Play Video

The Prediction 58 months ago

Using psychology this guy will guess exactly which block you will end up wi...

Cool Optical Illusion Play Video

Cool Optical Illusion 65 months ago

I have things like this before but this one is rather easy to draw and play...

Safety Pin Optical Illusion Play Video

Safety Pin Optical Illusion 66 months ago

I actually tried this while working at my desk. I didn't have a toothpick ...