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The internet is used for many things. The greatest of these is to pass time playing incredible games. From a quick action shooter to an arcade classic, these games have the ability to distract event the most diligent worker. These games can also make what seems like minutes turn into hours spent obsessively trying to achieve a higher high score. All of this is available all day, everyday, just don't get caught by the boss.

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Call of Duty - Ghosts Play Video

Call of Duty - Ghosts 10 months ago

Outnumbered and outgunned, but not outmatched. Welcome to Call of Duty®: Gh...

GTA 5 - PT6 - Pulling Favors Play Video

GTA 5 - PT6 - Pulling Favors 24515 months ago

Franklin help a friend with some side work. I wish Frankie had better frien...

GTA 5 - PT5 - Father and Son Play Video

GTA 5 - PT5 - Father and Son 24515 months ago

It seems Jimmy can't keep himself out of trouble, but this is anything but ...

GTA 5 - PT4 - Complications Play Video

GTA 5 - PT4 - Complications 24515 months ago

Franklin is on another errand for Simeon, despite every task he accomplis...

GTA 5 - PT3 - Repossession Play Video

GTA 5 - PT3 - Repossession 24515 months ago

Franklin is my kinda Guy, but he keeps finding trouble everywhere he goes. ...

GTA 5 - PT1 - Prologue Play Video

GTA 5 - PT1 - Prologue 24515 months ago

The anticipation is over, here is Grand Theft Auto 5. We start off with a n...