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There are many people who think of dance as Swan Lake or a 10 year old's dance recital. Break knows better than to share this view. Dance is much larger and all encompassing. From sexy girls dancing at a club, to break dancers battling in a back alley, dance videos have caught the world's attention. Leave the waltz and home and grab a cardboard box and a boom box to experience the real world of dance...or the worst dance fails of all time.

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Rough Landing On Neck Play Video

Rough Landing On Neck 48 months ago

So much for that rule about not moving someone when you suspect a neck or ...

Shopping Cart Moonwalk Play Video

Shopping Cart Moonwalk 50 months ago

And yet everyone else seemed to realize that you didn't have to do all that...

Chubby B-Boy's Self KO Play Video

Chubby B-Boy's Self KO 51 months ago

The most amazing thing about this kid's wipeout is that it didn't make the ...

Tiger Quits Ballet Play Video

Tiger Quits Ballet 54 months ago

This is one of the few times you'll ever see ballet here, but keep your eye...

Two Guys Dance Fail Play Video

Two Guys Dance Fail 56 months ago

A couple guys are at a party dancing on a bench together (technically alrea...

Break Gallery CCCLV View Gallery

Break Gallery CCCLV 57 months ago

Break Gallery 355! Crowd surfing in a wheelchair, breakdancing on a bus, an...

One Legged Latin Dancer Play Video

One Legged Latin Dancer 58 months ago

If you think this guy dancing with one leg is impressive, you should see hi...

Huge Beach Dance Flash Mob Play Video

Huge Beach Dance Flash Mob 59 months ago

This beach scene looks like it's straight out of a cheesy, fun surfing movi...

Michael Jackson Dance Fail Play Video

Michael Jackson Dance Fail 59 months ago

The only thing moving faster than this guys feet is his face right into the...

Break Dancing Knock Out Play Video

Break Dancing Knock Out 60 months ago

I love how the one dude tries to call a time out at the end. You knocked y...

New My Humps Dance Routine Play Video

New My Humps Dance Routine 60 months ago

I still hate the Black Eyed Peas, but this video turned me back on to their...

Thanks for Not Pulling Out Play Video

Thanks for Not Pulling Out 64 months ago

Father's Day is this weekend, and you can show your dad all the appreciatio...