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Evolution of Dance Part 2 Play Video

Evolution of Dance Part 2 64 months ago

Here's the sequel to one of the most watched internet videos of all time. S...

Little Kid Has Sweet Moves Play Video

Little Kid Has Sweet Moves 64 months ago

Mascots have had the spotlight for too long; this little kid looks a lot be...

The Pashtoon Midget Dance Play Video

The Pashtoon Midget Dance 68 months ago

Little Indian man thinks he can dance. And he can. This guy definitely has ...

Amazing Robot Dance! Play Video

Amazing Robot Dance! 71 months ago

This is the best robot dance video I've ever seen! So You Think You Can Dan...

Santa Cruz Dancing Girl Play Video

Santa Cruz Dancing Girl 73 months ago

Some girl at UC Santa Cruz goes out to the quad in her bathing suit and has...

Dance Till Ya Drop Play Video

Dance Till Ya Drop 75 months ago

A group of girls are dancing at a rally when one slips off the stage, facep...

Technoviking Grandma Play Video

Technoviking Grandma 76 months ago

Not to be out done by her grandson the Technovikings Grandma shows that eve...

Unconventional Dance Moves Play Video

Unconventional Dance Moves 77 months ago

This is actually pretty entertaining to watch. A couple kids demonstrate a...

Face Plant View Image

Face Plant 78 months ago

He really should have thought again about doing some of those dirty dancing...

Soulja Girl Falls Off Stage Play Video

Soulja Girl Falls Off Stage 78 months ago

Soulja girl practicing her moves doesnt realize that the edge of the stage ...

The Techno Viking On Crack Play Video

The Techno Viking On Crack 78 months ago

Okay, maybe he is not on crack, but there is definitely some mind altering ...

Break Dancer Loses At Life Play Video

Break Dancer Loses At Life 78 months ago

Whats the hardest part about Break Dancing? Finding out its not 1985. Oh an...