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There are many people who think of dance as Swan Lake or a 10 year old's dance recital. Break knows better than to share this view. Dance is much larger and all encompassing. From sexy girls dancing at a club, to break dancers battling in a back alley, dance videos have caught the world's attention. Leave the waltz and home and grab a cardboard box and a boom box to experience the real world of dance...or the worst dance fails of all time.

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Big Chill Raver Play Video

Big Chill Raver 37 months ago

Man, I knew this rave was going to be big, but who knew there'd be celebrit...

Two Bros Go Bollywood Crazy Play Video

Two Bros Go Bollywood Crazy 38 months ago

These dudes are back in their apartment because they were told the club can...

Dance Of Seduction For A Lady Play Video

Dance Of Seduction For A Lady 38 months ago

It's not fair that all this dude's talents are being spent on one woman whe...

Little Kid's Epic Dance Moves Play Video

Little Kid's Epic Dance Moves 38 months ago

In between innings of a Major League baseball game the stadium cam focuses ...

China's Best Dance Crew Play Video

China's Best Dance Crew 39 months ago

China has over a billion people, all of whom are embarrassed by the dancing...

Dance Rival Nutshot Play Video

Dance Rival Nutshot 40 months ago

During a dance competition this dude accidentally kicks another competitor ...

Waitress Takes A Tumble Play Video

Waitress Takes A Tumble 40 months ago

Finally, a waitress who doesn't need a customer to tip her.

Zombie Dancer Play Video

Zombie Dancer 40 months ago

Even if you don't believe zombies walk among us, you're just going to have ...

How To Get A Prom Date Play Video

How To Get A Prom Date 40 months ago

How to get a prom date on Newsfeed - If you are asking me about how to get ...

Old Man Dances To Zeppelin Play Video

Old Man Dances To Zeppelin 42 months ago

This old man is rocking out so hard on behalf of the band that he's going h...

Thank God It's Friday Play Video

Thank God It's Friday 42 months ago

What a long week this has been! I think I can speak for a lot of us here at...

Dance Assassin Play Video

Dance Assassin 43 months ago

When it comes to winning dance-offs, having great moves are only half the b...

Gymnastics Landing Fail Play Video

Gymnastics Landing Fail 44 months ago

This one is a little tough to watch. A gymnast messes up her landing on a ...

Turkish Knife Dance Play Video

Turkish Knife Dance 45 months ago

In Turkey, dance-offs are dangerous business, not something you should just...