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There are many people who think of dance as Swan Lake or a 10 year old's dance recital. Break knows better than to share this view. Dance is much larger and all encompassing. From sexy girls dancing at a club, to break dancers battling in a back alley, dance videos have caught the world's attention. Leave the waltz and home and grab a cardboard box and a boom box to experience the real world of dance...or the worst dance fails of all time.

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Dance Cam Dance Off Play Video

Dance Cam Dance Off 9 months ago

Then they teamed up to kick Chris Brown’s ass.

Loki Dances On Korean TV Play Video

Loki Dances On Korean TV 10 months ago

This should have played this after the credits of Avengers.

The One Man Dance Crew Play Video

The One Man Dance Crew 11 months ago

In his head an entirely different song is playing.

Russian Wedding Dance Battle Play Video

Russian Wedding Dance Battle 12 months ago

A wedding DJ challenges a guest to a dance off and ends up getting quite th...

Dancing With Crutches Play Video

Dancing With Crutches 12 months ago

A man that can not walk, dances better than you.

Stephen Colbert Gets Lucky Play Video

Stephen Colbert Gets Lucky 12 months ago

MTV ruined Colbert’s summer concert, so he unruined it and it was pretty co...

Another Insane Dubstep Dance Play Video

Another Insane Dubstep Dance 12 months ago

If they can really control time these insane moves would start to make more...