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There are many people who think of dance as Swan Lake or a 10 year old's dance recital. Break knows better than to share this view. Dance is much larger and all encompassing. From sexy girls dancing at a club, to break dancers battling in a back alley, dance videos have caught the world's attention. Leave the waltz and home and grab a cardboard box and a boom box to experience the real world of dance...or the worst dance fails of all time.

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Dance Cam Dance Off Play Video

Dance Cam Dance Off 7 months ago

Then they teamed up to kick Chris Brown’s ass.

Loki Dances On Korean TV Play Video

Loki Dances On Korean TV 9 months ago

This should have played this after the credits of Avengers.

The One Man Dance Crew Play Video

The One Man Dance Crew 9 months ago

In his head an entirely different song is playing.