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  PUG LORD Play Video

PUG LORD 20 months ago

Welcome to the pug life!

Wakko Beatboxes Skrillex Play Video

Wakko Beatboxes Skrillex 29 months ago

If you weren't already 100% sure that Wakko, from the show "Animaniacs," wa...

Pikachu On Acid Play Video

Pikachu On Acid 31 months ago

What's the only thing better than watching anime sober? Watching anime on a...

Cartoon Fails! He-Man Play Video

Cartoon Fails! He-Man 41 months ago

Everybody knows you can't really keep a wild cat as a pet. Everybody...

Hannah Barbie Play Video

Hannah Barbie 41 months ago

I'm Jonny Loquasto with NewsFeed. Well, Mattel is still making Barbie Dolls...

Transformers Fail Play Video

Transformers Fail 47 months ago

It looks like Ironhide and Optimus Prime are going to be having a little ta...