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Mickey Mouse View Image

Mickey Mouse 17 days ago

Kill it. Kill it with fire and make sure it's dead. Check out the full list...

Tweety Bird View Image

Tweety Bird 17 days ago

The depressing side to working at Warner Bros.

Buzz Lightyear View Image

Buzz Lightyear 17 days ago

This astronaut has some space stories that'll keep you awake at night.

Johnny Bravo View Image

Johnny Bravo 17 days ago

Someone call Brad Pitt's manager.

Popeye View Image

Popeye 17 days ago

Popeye killed Bluto and wore his face before going to prison.

Pikachu View Image

Pikachu 17 days ago

Put that thing in a net, fill it with rocks and throw it in the ocean.

Krusty the Clown View Image

Krusty the Clown 17 days ago

Imagine if your eyeballs were touching all day. Think about that.

Beavis and Butthead View Image

Beavis and Butthead 17 days ago

Pretty sure we've seen these two outside of a few 7-11's.

Stitch View Image

Stitch 17 days ago

Stitch ate Lilo. And now wants your children.

Homer Simpson View Image

Homer Simpson 17 days ago

Real Homer can thank radiation for his nightmarish eyes.

Groundskeeper Willie View Image

Groundskeeper Willie 17 days ago

There's no locker combination he hasn't memorized.

The Brain View Image

The Brain 17 days ago

The Brain should probably get a CT Scan soon.

Raphael View Image

Raphael 17 days ago

Who on earth would actually fight this thing?

Peter Griffin View Image

Peter Griffin 17 days ago

Peter Griffin can see in...and through your soul.

Charlie Brown View Image

Charlie Brown 17 days ago

Charlie Brown went on to murder everyone.

Ned Flanders View Image

Ned Flanders 17 days ago

The look you give when you hide porn in your Bible.

Cookie Monster View Image

Cookie Monster 17 days ago

Pretty sure the only way to kill this puppet is with a silver bullet.

Fry from Futurama View Image

Fry from Futurama 17 days ago

Fry in human form clearly loves weed AND acid.

Bart Simpson View Image

Bart Simpson 17 days ago

This Bart Simpson is ready to try heroin for the first time.

Fred Flintstone View Image

Fred Flintstone 17 days ago

Pretty sure this Fred Flintstone has a criminal record.

Mr. Burns View Image

Mr. Burns 17 days ago

Yep, that's a face that would enjoy having Smithers around.