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When most people think of animation, they think of Saturday morning cartoons. Or at the most racy an episode of Family Guy or Southpark. At Break animation is a world without rules. The rules physics, relativity, and common decency are ignored at every opportunity. Break showcases the finest illustrated images, cartoons, and new animation technology in the finest animation videos.

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The Matrix With Legos Play Video

The Matrix With Legos 57 months ago

Very cool reenactment of a famous scene from the Matrix created with Legos.

Audrina Needs Her Fruit Play Video

Audrina Needs Her Fruit 63 months ago

To look this hot in a bikini, Audrina needs to eat a lot fruit. Especially ...

Paintball Chuck Norris Mural Play Video

Paintball Chuck Norris Mural 64 months ago

Chuck Norris has to be violently rendered with paintballs. All other method...

Kung Fu Jesus for Condom Use Play Video

Kung Fu Jesus for Condom Use 65 months ago

Easter is basically about two things: prophylactics and chocolate bunnies. ...

17 Years In 2 Minutes Play Video

17 Years In 2 Minutes 72 months ago

This guy took a picture of himself every day for the last 17 years and then...

I Guess You'll Do Play Video

I Guess You'll Do 78 months ago

I thought this was a pretty funny video but it does kinda suck that so much...

UFO Lands On Guys Desk Play Video

UFO Lands On Guys Desk 80 months ago

This is an incredibly well done video of a UFO landing on top of some dudes...

Lego Assassin Play Video

Lego Assassin 85 months ago

Lego man goes on a rampage killing all the townspeople. Pretty cool video m...

Stop Motion GI Joe  War Play Video

Stop Motion GI Joe War 86 months ago

This guy has made a really cool stop motion video of his GI Joes fighting a...

Stick Figure Battles Designer Play Video

Stick Figure Battles Designer 87 months ago

At first I thought this flash animation of a stick figure battling its desi...

Nintendo Rube Goldberg Play Video

Nintendo Rube Goldberg 89 months ago

For a school animation project this guy made a Rube Goldberg contraption us...

FedEx Planes Dodging Storm Play Video

FedEx Planes Dodging Storm 90 months ago

This is an FAA radar track sequence of FedEx planes avoiding a storm as the...

Head Shaving Animation Play Video

Head Shaving Animation 91 months ago


Computer Animated Stop Motion Play Video

Computer Animated Stop Motion 91 months ago

This is a very creative stop motion video of a dude working away at his com...

Monty Python In LegoVision Play Video

Monty Python In LegoVision 100 months ago

Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail Camelot song reproduced with Legos...

Hulk Sell Cars! Play Video

Hulk Sell Cars! 100 months ago

Hulk Sell Cars! Dont make Hulk mad! Buy new car from Hulk this weekend or H...