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Pop culture defines entire civilizations. The total sum of music, entertainment, theater, fashion, and any other form of media, pop culture defines the people who produce and consume it. Although pop art paintings and pretentious diatribes about the state of literature will not be found here. Instead be prepared for the very newest movie trailers, the most horrific cinema moments, and the funniest and most viral videos and songs. As well as the most innovative and ground breaking video games, magic, and illusions on the planet. This is the pop culture of Break.

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Max Payne 3 Play Videos

Max Payne 3 18 days ago

The third installment of the Max Payne franchise

NHL 12 Play Videos

NHL 12 18 days ago

The 12th NHL Game From EA

Warp Dash Play Videos

Warp Dash 18 days ago

Warp dash is an action/shooter for the ipad and iphone.

Dark Souls Play Videos

Dark Souls 18 days ago

The game will focus on dungeon exploring and the tension and fear that aris...

Doom 4 Play Videos

Doom 4 18 days ago

The fourth installment of the Doom Series.

Rise of Nightmares Play Videos

Rise of Nightmares 18 days ago

The game takes place primarily in a mansion-like environment, with players ...

Saints Row: The Third Play Videos

Saints Row: The Third 18 days ago

Having defeated the rival gangs of Stilwater at the end of Saints Row 2 and...

Lollipop Chainsaw Play Videos

Lollipop Chainsaw 18 days ago

Lollipop Chainsaw focuses on zombie hunter and cheerleader Juliet Starling,...

Risen 2: Dark Waters Play Videos

Risen 2: Dark Waters 18 days ago

Risen 2 : Dark Waters begins in the harbor city of Caldera. The last vestig...

Fruit Ninja Play Videos

Fruit Ninja 18 days ago

In Fruit Ninja the player slices fruit with a blade controlled via a touch ...

Firefall Play Videos

Firefall 18 days ago

A new MMORPG developed by Red 5 Studios.

Rayman Origins Play Videos

Rayman Origins 18 days ago

Rayman Origins details the origin and early times of its titular character....

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Play Videos

Uncharted: Golden Abyss 18 days ago

The story takes place before the events of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Play Videos

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 18 days ago

Space Marine does not feature a cover system. As a Space Marine, you are gi...

Soul Calibur V Play Videos

Soul Calibur V 18 days ago

The Seventh installment in the epic Soul Caliber series.

Madden NFL 12 Play Videos

Madden NFL 12 18 days ago

The 12th Installment of the Madden NFL Series

Section 8: Prejudice Play Videos

Section 8: Prejudice 18 days ago

The single-player campaign explores the conflict between the 8th Armored In...

Gotham City Imposters Play Videos

Gotham City Imposters 18 days ago

Gotham City Imposters is a first person shooter thats set in DCs Batman uni...

Final Fantasy Type-O Play Videos

Final Fantasy Type-O 18 days ago

Final Fantasy: Type 0 is set in a magic school named Peristerium School of ...

Hard Reset Play Videos

Hard Reset 18 days ago

A new Cyberpunk Shooter from Red Hog Engine

Call of Juarez: The Cartel Play Videos

Call of Juarez: The Cartel 18 days ago

Call of Juarez: The Cartel is the sequel to Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood,...

Combat Arms Play Videos

Combat Arms 18 days ago

Combat Arms is a FPS based action game developed in South Korea.

Spider Man: Edge of Time Play Videos

Spider Man: Edge of Time 18 days ago

In the year 2099, Alchemax scientist Walker Sloane seeks to gain power and ...

Darkness II Play Videos

Darkness II 18 days ago

The second Installment in the Darkness Series. The Darkness II takes place...

Far Cry 3 Play Videos

Far Cry 3 18 days ago

The third Installment in the Far Cry series.